At the beginning of this blog, I wrote about safewords. Just a reminder that a safeword is a signal that ends BDSM play and usually negotiated before play.  It's an excellent starting point but I left a part of it out. There will be occasions during BDSM play where you will be unable to speak. In these cases it is nice to have a backup signal to slow or stop the play. Many of these times you are tied up, gagged or otherwise unable to vocalize. When you can't talk you need a safe object.

When the time comes that you may need a way out of a scene then these can be some useful signals.

  • Hold a set of keys or another noisy item in your hand to drop when needed.
  • A dog trainer's clicker to raise an alarm.
  • Hand signals.
  • Making three clear and rhythmic grunts as a pre-defined signal to stop.
  • Top places finger in bottom's hand; squeeze to check in with an 'OK'.
  • Something easily visible in low light, glow sticks work well.

What else can we add to this list?

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