In today's instant culture, the information we want to find can be discovered with just a click of the mouse. It's fantastic for the kink community because that means more people are discovering this part of themselves earlier and are jumping in with both feet at times.

What's dangerous is that more and more information that is shared has a larger element of assumed knowledge; the information you need to know before you pick up the new information. I'm not perfect either. Perhaps though, I need to tell you what I mean by assumed knowledge.

The Danger of Assumed Knowledge

Take for example you attend a class at an event that is supposed to be for beginners in bondage. The presenter stands up and gives you some basic information about safety and what not and then jumps into ties and knots. The assumed knowledge that the presenter is banking on is the additional safety information that many people read up on before attending a bondage class. But what he isn't realizing is that there could be a few people there without any prior knowledge about bondage at all.

So what happens? Maybe nothing. But then again, what if that group of people goes on to think that the presenter gave them all the information they needed in order to tie someone up and then proceeds to cause nerve damage on the first partner they get the chance to play with?

Now we can't be responsible for all the idiots in the world who don't continue to study and learn before they go out and try it; but as a trusted "expert" I need to be aware that I may be assuming you come to me with more information than you really do.  My goal with this website is to make sure that incomplete information doesn't happen often.

In other words, I do my best to redefine words each new article or at least link you to where I first defined it. I work hard to make sure that what I'm saying makes sense to someone who hasn't the same knowledge that I do. I strive to not use acronyms without definitions and prefer to spell words out instead of using abbreviations. I will not write about something I don't understand or don't have information about. That's why I rely on guest posts for that information.

What You Can Do

Assumed knowledge is everywhere you go. If we just take a moment to remember that not everyone has all the facts we just might end up on the same page.

Never attempt to do something without researching it extensively. Kink can and is dangerous. We take risks every day. Even if you consider what you do as light play, there are still risks involved. Know them.

Ask questions. Even the simple ones need answers. Oh, and if you see someone asking a question you consider really basic; remember you were there once and now it's assumed knowledge for you. Help them out and answer it for them.

Don't learn and attempt activities before you are ready. You have to be an expert at rope bondage on the floor before you try suspension, and never without prior training. Same goes for submission. Walk before you run. Learn the basics before you dive into high protocol situations.

Please don't assume that you know what someone is going through. Their experience could be vastly different from yours. We can learn from each other, true, but we can't live in each other's shoes without all the information. Make sure you have it before you judge. And don't judge, that's just rude.

Answer me this, readers-

What assumed knowledge have you come across? Why do you think we no longer teach it? What changes will this cause for the future?