I’m devoting this Monday to meditation, reflection and devotion to  submission. I hope to select  topics that will get you thinking differently about some part of your life or  submission and then just maybe grow a little bit further. If you have ideas for  topics that might work for a Meditation Monday,  please email me.

Three months ago I encountered a quote that has inspired me in my Submissive Guide work and I've been applying it to my life in other ways too so I wanted to share it with you and how it has made some positive change in my life.

"No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care." - Clark Danger

What do you think? It really is an amazing quote for me and since it's been a personal motivator for so much in my life I've got it written in a few places; near my computer, in my Bullet Journal and my Kink Network Record (another large journal that I track stats, write outlines and brainstorm). So, every day I feel like this quote speaks to me and continues to teach me.

I've learned that it's not what I know but how I share it with the world that matters. It's not the facts of things but my compassion for others. I've learned I need to feel more and be logical less. It's really begun to make some changes in my thought process. I wish I could put it into better words. I really do.

But what about you? How can you learn from a motivational quote? For many people, they share quotes a lot because at the time it speaks to them or says something they want to say. But then, that quote gets forgotten. Even people who memorize Bible verses can learn how it might impact their life one moment and then forget it the next.

All it takes is a bit of purpose. You need to purposefully apply what you feel and learn from the inspirational words to your life. You need to make it mean something beyond the immediate head nod and Facebook share. Really let the quote speak to your situation, or how you wish to reach your goals or the way your relationship has developed.  Meditate on the quote.

Quite a few of the Submissive Journal Prompts are quotes, and I get that many don't know how to really use a quote for a prompt. I've seen responses that simply say if they like it or not, or how it might apply to the general sphere of BDSM or D/s but never anything with a personal connection. I challenge you to find a quote if you don't have one already and figure out how you can apply what it's saying to your life. Browse the Submissive Journal Prompts quotes if you'd like a lifestyle or personal growth quote to work from, but any quote will work if it pulls on your heartstrings or stirs your brain.

Do you have a quote that inspires you?  Would you share it in the comments? How does it speak to you right now?

photography; George L Stein, model; Lilly Rose