I’ve been developing a submissive code of ethics for myself to help give me long term goals and a focus. I feel it will bring about change in me that perhaps I can’t see yet. I thought I would share it here so that you can perhaps get some ideas for developing your own code of ethics.

What is a code of Ethics?

A code of ethics is a guideline of what is acceptable behavior in a chosen area of life (usually work). Personal codes of ethic are written to help focus a person in their life. They are an everyday reminder of who they are and what they believe.

How to write a code of ethics for yourself

My Code of Ethics

For myself

I will endeavor to express my needs and desires openly with Master without fear of reaction or consequences.

I will take great care about my appearance as it always reflects on Master even in vanilla settings where they do not know the dynamic exists.

Remaining healthy is very important to the health of our relationship. I will continue to work towards losing weight and getting active until that time he feels I have reached my ultimate goal.

I will find beauty in serving Master in even the smallest things.

Seeking guidance from other more experienced submissives is acceptable and encouraged when no answers can be found elsewhere.

For Master

My body is not my own and I will offer it to Master as frequently as I can; for his pleasure and sexual needs.

Master’s needs are a priority and I will strive to ensure his desires are met in an appropriate and timely manner.

I shall work hard towards learning and making habit the rules that Master sets out for me.

I promise to work hard at improving my home care so that Master’s home is always inviting for surprise guests and our comfort.

Try It

Take a moment today to try and write a few code statements of your own. They don't have to be perfect, this is a rough draft. Then when you have it all perfected, add this to your Submissive Training Resume.