You've finished the book! I definitely want to know what you thought about it in the comments.

The last chapters were excellent as far as working through surrender, negotiation, discussing abuse, 24/7 living and staying on track. I think these chapters had more bulk to them than previous ones as far as necessary content. Here are a few interesting bits to refresh your memory of the reading.

"You have the right to define surrender for yourself, the right to reach it in any way which fulfills you and your partner, and the right not to have your accomplishment belittled by anyone who doesn't hold the same ideas as you." (pg 120) Talking about surrender and submission with how to accept and celebrate it with joy is a key in everyone's personal journey, I believe.

In the next chapter, the author covers negotiation and touches on a well-argued subject of "no limits slavery" Her stand is, "you're still bound by certain laws, whether these are the laws of nature, man's laws or God's laws, if you're religious. That means that you have limits." (pg 125) I have my own view and others have shared theirs on this site as well. Even if this isn't your style of living, this chapter is full of helpful advice for negotiating a relationship or a scene.

"Discipline, however you choose to use it, is vital to a D/s relationship because it helps outline and reinforces the boundaries of the relationship." (pg 136)

  • Anything worth having is worth working for, says Kacie. Do you think surrender is deeper than submission? (pg 117)
  • Why do you think we look for validation from others on our own surrender? (pg 120)
  • Do you agree with her statement about no limits slavery referenced above? How would you argue for or against her view? (pg 125)
  • For those of you in a 24/7 dynamic, Kacie uses a horseback riding metaphor(pg 147) to describe how the dynamic works in her opinion. How well does it match what your relationship is like?

Looking back at the entire book:

What was your favorite metaphor/story from the book? Is it a good reference for submissives and slaves? Would you recommend this book to your friends?