We reach far and deep within to touch the submissive mindset. The moment is fleeting or short lived and we have a need to reach it again and again. Often the goal is to live in the submissive mindset all the time. For others, it is being able to reach the mindset on a whim. How to reach it and maintain it has to be THE most asked question in an email to me.

Unfortunately, it isn't something that has an easy answer or a common answer. Everyone will have a different solution, but I hope to help you find your own way to reach your happy place as often as possible.

What is this Mindset you talk of?

The submissive mindset is the inner joy that manifests in many ways for each person. When someone says they have to be in the submissive mindset it means they have to feel a connection with what they are doing and the bliss of service and submission.

Subspace is much like the mindset only more intense, so if you've reached subspace before then you can picture what the mindset is going to be like. You don't need endorphins or adrenaline to reach the submissive mindset and you can turn it on and off once you know how to get in touch with it.

Reaching the Mindset

Here it is folks, the key to touching your submissive mindset. Are you ready?

No distractions.

That's it, really. Yeah I know it wasn't an easy answer and I know you think that this was such a simple response to a common question. But really, how easy is it for you to get to a place of no distractions?

What I mean by that is you can't meditate, connect with your submission or your service, you can't be one with yourself if you have other things on your mind. You can't reach it if you are worried about jobs, family or money. Daily stresses block your ability to be patient with yourself and feel it.

Once you have no distractions you can meditate or reflect on submission. This can be a simple peaceful thought to who you are or a full 15-minute mediation session. You can learn how to come up with a personal mantra and say that almost prayer-like and you can train your mind to connect to the bliss every time you say it.

Mindset Fast!

Transitioning in and out of the mindset, depending on what is needed from you can be a difficult process, but it doesn't have to be. I know that it's taken me over 5 years to finally be able to reach that mindset almost on demand. The way I've done it is through a personal submissive mantra. When I'm making KnyghtMare's coffee several times a day I chant my mantra while stirring, "I choose to live my life in service and submission to Master."

What you need to do is find something that pulls you back to that feeling in a short moment. For some people it's a mantra, others could be a song or a poem. It often is a movement from your Dominant as well. I've heard that a grip at the back of the neck or a tug of the hair is a simple and ready trigger for the submissive mindset.

Wouldn't you agree?

Staying in the Mindset 24/7

So you want to feel submissive bliss all the time. You seek it and crave it with every fiber of your being. But I want to emphasize that maintaining the mental strength of submission is work, lots of work. Most of us can't keep that up without exhausting ourselves. We need breaks to just be. Even if you are naturally submissive, feeling the buzz of the mindset isn't an always thing.

The secret is submitting even if you don't feel connected to the mindset. That way you can find a happy medium between bliss and everyday normal that just feels good.


  1. Do you have a way to reach the mindset whenever you need to?
  2. What are some triggers to get you to the mindset?
  3. How would you describe the submissive mindset that you feel?

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