On FetLife quite awhile back now, a slave posted her version of a rosary with her Master as the focus. As with any rosary or prayer beads, it is used in meditation and presents a spirituality in service that can be adopted and adapted to fit your relationship.

I've always had a curiosity with religious artifacts and items used by the believers. I've even made and had blessed a set of rosary beads for a friend of mine. They were very special for me to make, and I will most likely do it again for someone new.

The following is a rosary, set up in the same format as the Catholic Rosary to be said during times of meditation for a slave. You can change the prayers any way you'd like or reorganize them. I would love to know if you have your own submissive Rosary and could share that in the comments!

How to say the Catholic Rosary

For those not familiar, a typical Rosary consists of an emblem, three beads leading up to a medallion, and then five sets each of ten beads separated by a single bead.

The Order of Prayers

written by Syr_David's ~melly

Begin at the emblem (1) then the single bead (2) then the three beads (3) then (4) and then the single bead (5) skip the medallion and start on the decades (set of ten beads) (6) after each of those, say (7) and then on the single bead, (8) . Repeat for each decade. At the end, (the medallion) you can say the slave's prayer again, or whatever mantra you wish to end with.

  1. I say a portion of my oath of fealty here. You can repeat the " Slave’s Prayer", or whatever is pertinent to you (original was the Apostle's Creed).
  2. Say the " Master, owner of my body".
  3. Say three " I am your slave".
  4. Say the " In gratitude".
  5. Announce (or think) the principle of your service that you will be concentrating on, and say the " Owner of my body".
  6. Say ten " I am your slave" while considering and concentrating on the principle or idea you have.
  7. Say the " In gratitude".
  8. Say the principle you are meditating on, and say the " Master, owner of my body".

The Prayers

Slave's Prayer - adapted from A Submissive's Prayer

Allow me the Serenity to serve Him in peace

Allow me the Love to show Him myself

Allow me the Tenderness to comfort Him

Allow me the Light to show us the way

Allow me the Wisdom to be an asset to Him

Let me be able to show Him each day my love of service to Him

Let me open myself up to completely belong to Him

Let me accept my punishments with grace

Let me learn to please Him beyond myself

Grant me the power to give myself to Him completely

Give me the strength to please us both

Permit me to love myself in loving Him

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Master, owner of my body

Master, owner of my body and director of my will, you are with me. I am thankful that I serve you. Let me be transparent as glass, that my heart may be visible always, for my entire self, even unto the workings of my mind, are yours. Master, I honor you with my service and submit to you with my thoughts, words, and deeds, so that I may be a reflection of your will, and the manifestation of your desires.

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I am your slave

Master, I am your slave and your property. I will work and I will sacrifice that I may reflect your intentions, and make of myself a window to the soul you own. Use me Master, as you see fit, that I may learn to serve and to submit to you in all things.

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In Gratitude

In gratitude I serve, and in thankfulness, I submit, and in peace, I honor my Master with my trust.

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