This is a guest post by moonlight.

Many of us love our kinky toys and the collection just keeps growing the longer you are in the community. Floggers, canes, crops, clothespins, candles, you name it. If you look around my house, those aren't the toys you will see - it looks more like an explosion of blocks, cars, dolls, and books as far as the eye can see.

In an effort to keep our lifestyle to ourselves, we needed to put in some precautions to keep our adult toys out of reach and out of their imaginations.

How do I make sure they don't accidentally get into the toy chest?

Locks are a wonderful thing.

 As I clean up, I make sure that the toys get locked away. Both Master and I have a set of keys so they can be cleaned up and stored properly. You can put them in luggage bags and tool boxes - both have the advantage of looking very mainstream and the kids probably won't even question you having them.

Keep them out of reach.

 We have these wonderful shelves at the top of our closet that even I can't reach without help. This makes it the perfect place to keep items out of reach from the little hands. Another great place is the back of the closet. Other than a riveting game of hide-and-seek, there is often no reason go into the back of the closet (and more importantly, our closet, even less reason to go there), so it keeps it out of their minds.

Clean up has to happen once the scene is over.

 Cuddles can be a wonderful part of aftercare for me and I could stay there all day if I was allowed. However, it also means that I could fall asleep and the kids could wake up while everything is still out. Just like I have to do the dishes completely before bedtime, the toys also need to be put away promptly before we fall asleep. I am usually welcome to come back for cuddles once the toys are cleaned up and put away.

If you are using everyday household items for your play, let them be visible in the way they are commonly used

. I keep clothes pins around to hang pictures on a string in their room (saves the tape on the walls). When the kids see clothes pins, they just think of their regular everyday uses, so if one accidentally falls under the bed and they happen to see it, they figure I dropped it and there are no uncomfortable questions. The kitchen spoons and hairbrush also go back to their respective places. Let the kids see you using them the way that they normally would.

Try toys that don't need clean up - think of ice.

 Sure, it will melt, but a simple towel can solve that problem or in a worst case scenario, pretend you spilled your drink.

A bit of thinking ahead can help make sure that your fun stays between you and your Dominant. How do you clean up your space after a scene to make sure that the toys only found in the right hands? What "in plain sight" toys have you used to keep the spice alive but not raise any suspicions either?

moonlight is a slave and mother of two children under 10. she continues to find ways to live full-time in service to her Master while keeping their relationship to themselves. she works from home and enjoys yoga, meditation, and music in her spare time.