When you think of role-playing what comes to your mind? Naughty school girl? Nurse-patient? French maid?

A lot of what we do can classify itself under role-playing. In fact, D/s is a form of role-playing. For many people it is just a character they don to play or have some kinky fun; it's not a part of their personality. The idea of role playing is taking on another persona other than yourself to enact that character. It can be a short or long term.

You also role-play in your everyday life. Think about the last time you were pulled over by the police. Did you play a role of the obedient citizen even if you knew you were in the wrong? Role-playing helps you be a person you aren't to get through an uncomfortable time.

What about fantasies? You can live out a fantasy by pretending to be someone you aren't. There are lots of ideas for what to role play and this isn't an exhaustive list, but here are some examples

  • Animals/pets
  • babies/little girl/boy
  • french maid
  • police officer
  • School teacher
  • student
  • Nun
  • stranger
  • Pool boy
  • MILF
  • Rapist (consensual)
  • Objects such as tables, foot stools, chairs
  • Vampire
  • Military personnel
  • Prisoner
  • Pirate/damsel
  • Master/slave

Want more ideas? Check out this site for more role-play scene ideas!


People role-play for many reasons, but mostly because it is fun! Role-playing can be a form of escape. You can shed the responsibility you may have in the real world for awhile and enjoy just being.

We all lead busy stressful lives. Role-playing helps us de-stress and as I've said can take away the responsibilities of the day. We can escape through role-play and scenes.


Develop a Script- Not a word by word script, but a basic outline and some key phrases written down will help you in the heat of play.

Staging- Set up the area you want to play in. Try to make the room look like the right set up. Clear all the clutter or cover it with sheets. Turn off all technology and other distractions. Props for the session can also be set up; desks for school scenes, table with a light shining directly on it for interrogation scenes.

Dressing Up- It can heighten the pleasure of the session if you try to dress up. Shop the thrift stores for clothing you can wear or rip and Halloween is the best time to get props from the costume boutiques. And there is always the internet.


In a BDSM scene, sex is not always the end goal. For a scene, this may also be the case. Negotiate that ahead of time. For example, a really intense police interrogation may never involve sexual contact. Then again, with a bad cop or a persuasive prisoner, it very well could! It's completely up to the people involved.


Role-play is a safe and fun way to explore new and interesting adventures.Take a walk on the wild side and let your fantasies out. You may find that your real life stress melts away when you can escape into a world of fantasy.

Thoughts to Ponder

  1. Do you like to role-play?
  2. What is your favorite scene to role play and what character are you in it?
  3. What other ideas can you come up with as far as role play scenes?

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