It’s time for a celebration on the site! This year is Submissive Guide’s tenth anniversary! It’s going to be another great year here on the site and I’m ready to celebrate this milestone with you. Today we’re looking back at the top articles on the site but keep an eye on the site for further celebrations this year.

How It All Began

Ten years ago I started a little blog because the submissive group I was in had complained that it was getting hard to find straightforward, common sense advice on submissive topics and general BDSM knowledge online. I never thought it would come to much, as I felt I was only writing about my experiences and what I had learned in a format that was easy to digest.

Readership grew and that proved me wrong. I was blown away with the support and encouragement my little site garnered and so I decided I was going to make something of it. See how far I could go. And this is where we are today. You all continue to make me feel like my efforts are worthwhile and the passion that started it all has never faded. I’m still coming up with ideas and dreaming of the future of Submissive Guide and I hope you all will be there with me.

The Top 20 Posts on Submissive Guide

What articles are popular you ask? Well, let’s find out! Here is a list of the top 20 most viewed articles since Submissive Guide opened in 2009.

  • Anal Play: Beginner to Stretch in No Time - Rayne gives some excellent tips for those of you just starting out with anal play. Take her personal journey to the heart and keep the lube bottle nearby. Butt play can be so erotic and fun. Lift the veil and the fear to give it a try!

  • A Primer on Pet Play and Human Pets - Pet play is one of the most unique, one of the least known and in my opinion one of the most fun and entertaining sub-cultures in the BDSM, D/s and “kink” lifestyle. Now, I write this from the perspective of a submissive female, so please keep in mind that it can be changed around to any form you want.

  • Some Rules for the Working Submissive - It was difficult to find any information about balancing my professional life with my submissive desires, so this article is dedicated to the people who, like me, wish to explore the D/s relationship dynamic and continue to work in the professional world.

  • Exploring Play and Punishment in a Long Distance Relationship - Playing by yourself (at the behest of your Dominant) requires a great deal of self-restraint and self-discipline. So how do you have playtime when you’re in a long-distance relationship?

  • What Does It Mean to be Collared? - What does it mean to be collared? It can mean many things to many different people. For some, it is a new beginning on a journey. For others, it is a step in the training process. It all depends on the Dominant you are with. For every Dominant has a different way of doing things.

  • Sample Master/slave contract - Basic - A great basic contract example to use for your own D/s relationships. Copy it completely or use it to customize for your own personal relationship (preferred).

  • The Emotional Side of Sub Drop and Why It Happens More In Committed Relationships - There is a more intense side of Sub Drop that gets very little attention because for each person it is different and describing how to recover can take many forms. If not cared for, you could go into depression just from one play session.

  • Where to Buy a Collar Online - Places to buy a collar are numerous. Each relationship has a different idea of what the collar should look like. Listed below are a few of the many places you can go online to shop for that perfect collar. I've broken them up into types of collars the store offers. If they offer more than one type they are listed in all related categories. Shop around and have fun!

  • Hard and Soft Limits? The Sooner You Know About Them The Better - As a submissive, one of the first things you will be asked by almost every Dom/me is: what are your limits?

  • The BDSM Checklist that Will Really Help You - BDSM checklists all live under different names. You can call them limit lists, negotiation lists, negotiation checklists and perhaps ones I've never heard. They are all based on a similar idea. If you make a list of the things you enjoy or don't enjoy you can easily share them with the person you want to play with to find out if you can build a scene that will satisfy both of your needs and desires.

  • Where To Go to Find a Kinky or D/s Partner: The Big List - When you are ready for dating you might start with this list of places. I'll do my best to list as many places as I can but I'm not currently dating so I may be rusty. I also can't guarantee that these sites will work for you, but if you don't try then you'll never know.

  • DIY: Knife & Blood Play - Knife and Blood play, as you can probably guess, comes with a lot of intrinsic danger - so before embarking in this type of play, you need to make sure that you have an adequate safety kit ready.

  • Some of the Best Kept Secrets to Sub Drop Recovery - There are things you can do to help you prevent some or all of the symptoms of sub drop. Taking care of yourself after you play is a personal responsibility that I wish more submissives would take upon themselves.

  • 5 Ways to Express Your Gratitude to Your Dominant - Sure you can say thank you. That's standard. I really hope you take every opportunity to say thank you, but what if you want a few more creative ways to show how appreciative you are to your Dominant?

  • What Do Female Dominants Desire in a Male Submissive? - Do dominant women like this, that or the other thing? Unfortunately, there is no one set of ideal submissive traits that can be emulated. Indeed, if you ask these questions of twenty different Dominas, you’ll get at least twenty different answers. Each Dominant has her own idea of what makes a perfect submissive or slave.

  • Initial Steps Into Orgasm on Command Training - It all starts with your mind. As a submissive, if you feel that it just can't happen then it won't. You have to be willing to accept the possibility that an orgasm without physical stimulus is possible and that you want it.

  • Lactation Play and the Adult Nursing Relationship - For many couples, an Adult Nursing Relationship is not considered kinky nor does it have any connection between lactation and BDSM. For us, lactation was the first step down a new path. Our journey to re-lactation began as the first kinky request my husband made of me.

  • 5 Ways to Recognize Topping from the Bottom - Topping from the bottom is a misunderstood term in BDSM, especially if you are a novice. The idea behind the term is to actually help submissives understand their role, and isn't more than a faux pas. During interactions with your Dominant, it's a lesson to know that you can't control what is going on.

  • 3 Approaches To Begging When Asked To Do So - Begging is an art form for submissives. Each of us has our own talent or lack thereof in this area. For some, it is part of humiliation or just everyday activities. There are different approaches to begging.

  • Cyber Submission and Exploring D/s Online - Online D/s is perhaps one of the most controversial subjects in the Dominance and submission community. The stance I will take on this subject, based on online D/s relationships of my own, is that yes; it can and does work. Is it anything like real time, face-to-face Dominance and submission relationships? No, not at all. That said, it is still very real and intense for those of us in online or Long Distance Relationships (LDR), and often can and will lead to a real-time (RT) relationship.

With over 1800 articles on the site, this is definitely a short list! If you haven’t browsed the site in awhile, try searching for topics of things your interested. If the site doesn’t have what you’re looking for, email me! I take topic suggestions all the time.

I want to thank all of the authors who have put in time over the years. Your articles have helped make the site more varied and interesting and you’ve been able to tackle subjects that I can’t! Thank you so much!

And you, dear readers, I am so thankful to you too. Without you I’d be writing about submission and BDSM to no one! It’s because of you that I’ve been motivated to keep going and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.