Hi lunaKM,

 I was wondering if there is anything that can be done to minimize the appearance of bruises and marks after rough play. I am very Irish and my skin is just this shade of death warmed over/ goth girl dream. This makes every mark stand out like a billboard and I get marked VERY easily. I work in a very conservative environment, so we try to keep marks to places that can easily be covered. That doesn’t always work and it limits our play field greatly in the warmer months because I live in a hellishly humid place in summer. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Hello there!

The activities we get involved in can and do cause marks and bruising - it’s a fact of life when into some kinky things like impact play. As you are well aware - keeping it to hidden areas is the best way to keep the curious eyes from noticing.

You can also use bandages if the areas are small. No one will likely ask if they see a band-aid and they do, the question is easily fielded with, “I slipped” or something.

Something that other people swear by is  Arnica gel (or creme) to help reduce bruising faster. I’ve never tried the homeopathic gel so I can’t say for myself.

But what I can say is that the best treatment I’ve found is massage. Gentle, steady pressure on the bruise will help break up the blood clots under the surface and your body can then reabsorb them a lot faster. In fact, it’s likely that the Arnica gel may do nothing other than give you the incentive to massage the bruise by having something to rub into it.

Basic wound care is your best bet but if you must go out in clothing that doesn’t cover areas - you might try applying some makeup. Foundations can help, some are sweat resistant and non-staining. Something like  Joan Rivers - The Right to Bare Legs Corrective Cover-up is a foundation creme developed specifically for spider veins, scars and skin blemishes on the body. It will definitely help disguise bruising as well.

Yes, that bruise is awesome, now take care of it.

- LunaticBound (FetLife.com)

Anyone else have tips for covering up marks after playing?