This is our current contract, making adjustments from our other standard version that has served us so well over the years. Over time it became ingrained in us. I knew when to kneel, how he liked me dressed, what he expected to be called. We needed something lighter, less clunky. I have made available our previous contracts, including our original Dominant and submissive one and a Master/slave contract that included information about engaging with other people. 

I honestly don't know with certainty where we will grow from here, other than I know we will change again. These road maps are useful tools for navigating Power Exchange dynamics but like any map, it needs to be checked and changed and updated.


 24/7 Master/slave Contract

We have reached a new place of growth and discovery.

It is not in that our old contract isn’t working anymore; it’s simply become ingrained in us to our core and we no longer feel the same admiration or dedication to the lengthy six or seven spelled out pages of basic respect and expected behavior, all of which is expected to continue on. No. This is our next level situation.

Our lives look different; our daily function altered. We are a household run by a busy and powerful King and that man needs an equally powerful and quick-witted queen making his life easier, more joyful, streamlined.

This is our new M/s.


XXXXXXXXXXXX is our Leader. His decision is final. He will make all decisions to the best of his ability and for the best of everybody in home. XXXXXXXXXXXX is to be by his side at all times for feedback, discussion, and ultimate support of decision-making. She is to keep herself ever growing intellectually and provide respectful strategic analysis to help XXXXXX become the strongest, healthiest, and most powerful Leader possible in his business and personal life. Behind every great Man is a great woman. This is our ultimate goal.

XXXXXXX will maintain XXXXXX’s Household Manual. It contains the ins and outs of the functioning of the dynamic, including protocols and rituals which can (and should) be reviewed and updated periodically. She can report the status of the book once weekly and as reward for the upkeep, XXXXX can choose one tool/toy to be used on her (maintenance spanking, small scene, orgasm, i.e.)

XXXXXX must ask permission to orgasm. She can once weekly reach orgasm alone but must report that orgasm by photo/video/writing/link within 24 hours.

This is a reward/punishment dynamic. It shall be up to the Master to do so as he sees fit.

Yellow slows the play for communication, Red shuts it down, both are deemed necessary and appropriate by XXXXXXX. XXXXXXX is to indicate a severe and final desire to end the dynamic in entirety.


Stay healthy, wealthy, and wise. Grow. Evolve. Play. Fuck. Communicate.

Let whatever turns us on lead the way.



Signed on:__________________ To be reviewed on:__________________