There are birthdays and anniversaries, holidays and special occasions of all sorts and when a submissive wants to shower their Dominant with gifts it can be a challenge on what to get them. If you are like me, you don't have your own money and any that you ask for you have to quantify with them. I know I don't like asking for a large sum of money, even if I say that it's for a gift for them. So, I find ways to do gift giving within a self-imposed budget. Here are my ideas that might work for you too.

  1.  Make something. Yeah, I know a lot of you might not be as crafty as I am, but some of you are. KnyghtMare loves the knitting I do and it doesn't have to be fancy. He gets that adoring smile on his face each time he wraps the scarf I made him around his neck. There might be little to no additional material cost to the gift but the labor and love behind it will be treasured.
  2. Don't forget cooking and baking! Some of the most memorable experiences I've had have been because someone baked or cooked something I loved. Your Dominant could be the same way. Find their favorite recipe, dust it off and give it a go. Or, even better, find out what their favorite was growing up and make a grown up version. There's a lot you can do in the kitchen that will be a wonderful gift.
  3. Get them a magazine subscription. This one gets forgotten in the age of technology but receiving mail brightens anyone's day. Knowing what the enjoy and getting them a magazine that they will like on that topic is thoughtful and the gift keeps getting refreshed every month!
  4. Special Sexual Favors go a long way and are easy to plan. Sure we provide for them every day, but if you do something out of your normal routine; be it a strip tease, or a massage with a happy finish you'll have a happy Dominant. You set the limit to your fantasy.
  5. A day trip. Pack them up for the day and travel an hour or two to see something they will enjoy. You might consider fishing or camping if that is your Dominant's thing, or perhaps a concert or convention. Don't go too far or it will begin to cost you.
  6. A night without the kiddos. If you are always in parent mode it would be a welcome surprise to come home to silence. With some planning, you could probably even have time to clear up some of the children's things and relax in an adult atmosphere.
  7. Write them an erotic story or a poem. It can be even more fun to sneak it somewhere they will encounter and read it without you around.
  8. A favorite around here is to use a post it notes pad and write adoring phrases on them and tuck them into places all over the house where he will encounter them. So, inside the sugar bowl, the TV remote, bathroom mirror.... anywhere! That way, all day long (or however long it takes to find them all, it too KM 2 weeks to find one which made the surprise that much more fun) they are getting little notes from you.
  9. Make a naughty photo album. If you aren't photogenic or don't have a lot of sexy photos then load up the camera with batteries (and film) and make it a fun night filling it up with shots. What Dominant wouldn't want to have free porn of their favorite sexy submissive?
  10. Relive a romantic or special moment from the past. You can choose any moment in your life together, be it a first date, first time, romantic dinner... try to reset the stage and live it over again. It can deepen the emotional connection you have with them.

I hope this has helped you with some ideas for simple ways you can give gifts without breaking the bank, especially if you don't have access to the bank.

What are your ideas for low-cost gifts for your Dominant?