This week's video post is about maintenance spankings.

Maintenance spankings are a way to keep the relationship fresh, revive the roles on a regular basis and to not let life away from the dynamic interfere with what your relationship goals are. A maintenance spanking can be anything from a scheduled night of the week where a short and sweet spanking takes place, to a more drawn out session of power and control. Either way, their purpose is to maintain the dynamic.

Not everyone does this. My Master and I don't. It's not needed. That may be because we have an ideal situation: no kids, no outside jobs. Just us 24/7 living how we want to live. People who aren't as lucky, and that's the majority of you, could use maintenance spankings to keep the D/s alive when you feel it may fade into bills, running the kids to sports practice and work.

A maintenance spanking works something like a scheduled meeting. On whatever day you have set for your maintenance spanking you meet, talk about your week in terms of your role and confess any backsliding you are aware of. These things are taken into account with how the spanking will play out because the point is to keep you focused on your submission. Be honest with your partner. Even if you aren't masochist you can benefit from these spankings.

The spanking is dictated by the Dominant to be whatever they want it to be. It could be sensual, it could be rough. It may or may not end with sex. These are variables that make each relationship unique. I personally prefer spankings that end in orgasms for both of us, but that may not be what works for you.

The important part of a maintenance spanking is that it's scheduled and you do not reschedule. This is for the health of your relationship dynamic. Having something to look forward to each week or so is revitalizing and can help keep you focused where you need to be during difficult times. It can also bring more intimacy into your life. These moments are about just the two of you connect. The power of touch, even in a swat is well worth it.

Also using maintenance spankings can and do decrease the need for punishment spankings. When you receive maintenance spankings then it is more likely that your behavior and attitude will stay positive and you will be less likely to be disobedient. Once you are obedient more often than maintenance spankings can and should be reduced.

What are your thoughts on maintenance spankings? Do you receive these? How frequently?

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