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MIZ TWIST (Fetlife "Twistmahtit") was an owned slave in the Gorean tradition without safewords or a community of support for nineteen years. It ended badly. She wandered lost for another thirteen years before discovering Fetlife and the BDSM community. She served as Beta for a Dominant on the other side of the country, served as majordomo for the kink-kink-friendly D/s polyfamily she created for him. That relationship had to end but it did so in balance and friendship. Since March 2012 Twist has been the permanent property of her online Master. She is still 24/7 Domme of pepper_Di and Majordomo of House Weigelia. In her spare time she is active in her local bdsm community, continues work on her collaborative erotica "Miz Twist" universe and two novels, and takes in the occasional live-in sub/trainee along with abandoned feral kittens.


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"Being Loved" versus "Being In Love"

For me, and maybe for you if you've already discovered SubmissiveGuide, that way is "Being Love" versus "Being In Love" -- and expressing that love in a D/s relationship with no desire or expectation of ever being "in love" with my dom.

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What to Do When Your Dominant is Not Emotionally Available

It is possible that emotional availability is not the problem at all -- it's just plain availability. All of us have busy lives these days.

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