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Cofounder and conference organizer of Black BEAT Inc. (, and cofounder of BESS (Baltimore Educational and Social Society) and a current member of FIST (Females Investigating Sexual Terrain). Bgtreasure has been involved in the BDSM lifestyle for over 10 years and has held various positions with other groups. Meeting people from all over and watching them share with others has truly been an eye opener for her. One of her proudest moments was (Black BEAT) winning the 2006 Pantheons Award for Small Event of the Year, and being nominated herself for the Pantheon regional award. She enjoys networking with others and helping those new to the lifestyle. She is an owned submissive that enjoys many different aspects of this lifestyle. Black BEAT is home for BG, and her lifestyle accomplishments are commendable. She is also host along with Lady Z of Black BEAT’s Maryland Headquarters Munch Group.

She can be reached at and on Yahoo and AIM messengers and on Fetlife/FaceBook under bgtreasure.


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It's Not Over Until The Fat Lady Sings AKA The Ending Of A D/s Relationship

In a nutshell, my submission had gone stale and moldy like a piece of bread that had fallen between the fridge and the sink. At this point it also really sunk in that I was not a failure as a submissive and it was going to be okay.

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When Masturbation Is No Longer Private - Playing With Yourself For Your Dominant

We give up many things when we enter into a D/s relationship those that I have given up I have done so freely but not without having taken baby steps. As my Sir required that I masturbate for him I was blown away, what give up my most private, and as many of us are brought up to believe, the most embarrassing thing to be caught at.

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You Tattooed What on Your Ass? - Rational Thinking about Relationship Tattoos

We have to live with ourselves and understand that being in the lifestyle doesn't make us dumb or up for anything anyone wants us to do. We have outside lives, families and jobs that we have to show up for. So when thinking about that slave tattoo, slut on your right butt cheek or a dildo wrapped around your leg tattoo remember how do you want to represent yourself to the world.

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