I thought I'd tell you a personal story of how my life as a slave is developing in a unique and interesting way.

It's never been just KnyghtMare's job to come up with ways to enhance and spice up our already powerful relationship and he loves to hear of things that I come up with. Well, recently I asked him about having a set way to dress while at home during the day. He was intrigued and wanted to know first what it might entail and second why I might like to have one.

It was easy to come up with what I wanted to wear and he added his own thoughts to it. In a normal day, KnyghtMare and I are nude. Sometimes we wear socks if it's chilly but we don't dress unless we have to. That has led to me feeling frumpy and unkempt (along with not wanting to do my hair or makeup while nude). I wanted to feel more productive in my day and more appealing to him. So I asked if he wouldn't mind if I wore lingerie and did my hair and makeup. I added my play collar and ankle cuffs to the mix because I always feel ready for play when I have those on. He added my nJoy butt plug. Not thrilled about that, but not unwelcome either.

So my outfit was decided.

I knew at first that I couldn't wear it every day - just because of the fact I don't own a lot of lingerie and that I'd be in a mind space during the day that would tax me. So, it seems that once a week was a good start. I've been so very excited to pick out my uniform and dress for him. Even if we don't see much of each other all day I know that I'm ready if he beckons me into the office or pounces on me in the living room. I feel more productive and put together, even if the lingerie is fiddly and not really meant for all day wear.

But what does a slave uniform look like really? Can it be what KnyghtMare and I have chosen?

Why not?

I've read of a leather family that has a dress code; the slaves always in khakis and black button down shirts. There are slaves that aren't allowed underwear or bras or are required to wear matching sets. Still, others have full girdles and hose with garters and heels. It's all a uniform after all. I've also seen people who laugh at the idea of just another trapping of fantasy that won't work in real life.

Yet KnyghtMare and I are making it work. We'll adapt it and change it until it fits us perfectly. It will mean that I will have a lingerie budget in place at some point to accommodate the new protocol. He may even add more to the uniform days that require more attention to detail or focus. It has certainly led to more play, more awareness on my part and an inner hum that keeps me going all day long in his service.

A slave uniform isn't something I'd consider necessary. We've been together 9 years and I've not had one. This new addition isn't because our relationship was lacking in some way either. Adding something like this doesn't fix problems. I just had an idea and asked him. We are trying it out. Perhaps it won't work, maybe it's a short term thing. Either way, trying new things is fun and a slave uniform seems like a simple fun way to do that.


  • Do you have a uniform?
  • Are you comfortable suggesting new activities and behaviors to your partner?

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