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Tequila Rose is a full time slave who recently relocated to Germany to be with her Master. She has been in the lifestyle since her early twenties and continues to learn more about the lifestyle and being a slave. She now spends her days learning her new language and wandering the streets of Dortmund. You can contact her via email:

5 responses to “Book Review: Spanking for Lovers by Janet Hardy”

  1. Keith Smith

    Thank you Tequilarose for this review of the book “Spanking For Lovers”. It prompted me to read the exert on Amazon. I have added this book to my wishlist.

  2. Sean

    I am brand new to this website, and to the whole technology that we are enjoying.

    I am so excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

    I’m curious though, can you tell me if any of these books, (or all of them) are “downloadable” (or whatever you call it, when it goes to your computer, tablet, phone…..)

    I am concerned about the confidentiality.

  3. lunaKM

    Many books these days are available in Kindle and other e-reader formats. Just look for them at online retailers.

  4. FatherJon

    I’m always glad to read when people make the distinctions between spanking and BDSM. As a long time spanker of adult women, my presence at BDSM functions has rarely involved the chains, candle torture or any of the other contrivances which draw BDSMers to their dungeons. True I have attended functions but only participated in the general rah-rah of the moment while awaiting the opportunity of getting to spank a bare bottom or two in the passing.

    Similarly with sexual activity, there have only been a couple of occasions over a 50 year spanking career when I have weakened and had sex with one of my spankees, and it’s been due to mutual attraction and need of the moment. Far too many young men today equate sex with spanking and use the lure of spanking as a portal for sex. This tends to affect the reputations of the rest of us. I always make it clear to women who answer my ads that I don’t do sex. Most of them have perfectly satisfactory sex lives with husbands and boyfriends, it’s just the spanking that they miss.

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