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Ted_subby is a 49 year old submissive to his monogamous dominant wife of over a dozen years. On his male submission web page at he posts fictional stories as well as a blog of his experiences with his dominant wife. Feel free to message him on FetLife or e-mail.

24 responses to “Male submission – Financial Domination”

  1. ted_subby

    @anon: I agree with @lunaKM, the scenario you describe does not seem like domination to me. However, it is in the eye of the beholder and if someone chooses to behold that as some sort of domination, possibly just pretending that it is domination, then that is okay too.

    @Bri: That is an interesting perspective about when money comes up. Also, as you say, there are plenty of reasons individual subs are subs, including just wanting something spicy in the bedroom, and it is up to each individual dominant to decide whether or not that sub is compatible.

  2. anon

    @ted_subby: I’m new to this and can’t find any mistress/findom since i’m in a small country, that’s why i asked that kind of question about vanilla date. Also in normal bdsm I hate pain and only did vanilla sex if it makes any difference.

  3. stephenslavestevia

    I’m poor person thinking it would be a hardship for me to get into that. I’m my own man so to speak. but I have payee.

  4. ted_subby

    @anon: I am sorry I missed your message when you posted it a few months ago. I agree with @lunaKM, there is nothing wrong with what you are looking for. On a vanilla date, if you enjoy paying for your date, that is all good. Whether or not you consider it Financial Domination is much less important than whether or not you and your date enjoy it.

    @stephen\slavestevia: Financial Domination can cost quite a bit (for the sub), depending upon the situation. I think that someone who does not have much money at all for it would be wise to think about whether or not they would want to participate at all, even if they think it may be something they might enjoy. There may be low or no cost ways to enjoy it, but I am not aware of any.

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