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11 responses to “Letting Go of the Bank Account – Submitting to Financial Control”

  1. sexybaby72

    I really enjoyed this article. I do not think Id feel comfortable handing over my bank account for someone to manage but I do trust the person I am currently with enough to have access to it. When I am thinking of major purchases or expenses, I always discuss it with him. In this sense he still maintains some control over my finances by telling me yes or no to what I want to spend on or how I want to spend. I have never really been with a Dom, much less in a real relationship with one, so one whod request total control of my bank account may make me uncomfortable. Right now I have a bond with someone Ive known for many years so that trust comes easy. Generally I like my current situation, He can approve or not and recomend but my account remains mine.

  2. ted_subby

    Selkie, wonderful article! You really capture how truly scary it is to give up financial control.

    This is one of the few areas in which I am not ready to give up control to my dominant wife, because it’s just too scary at this time (we are about one year in our D/s dynamic), but the control aspect your Master requires is extremely appealing to me as a sub. If I ever do become comfortable with this I will look back in detail at this article!

    -Bluebonnet1′s Ted

  3. bonimiss

    Wonderful article selkie. I am not in a situation where I need to do this and I wonder if I could. I tend to squirrel away money that is unknown to anyone but myself. It not only gives me security just knowing it is there but it is MINE. I equate money to independence. I giggle at that because thats the point, releasing what you have and what you are to your Master. So even with an allowance, I would tend to save it and then hide it in order to have that sense of independence. Do you consider your allowance your money to use as you wish? If you do not spend it all, do you relinquish it back to your Master?

  4. bonimiss

    I absolutely love that alms for the poor! I never spend my squirrel money either but it gives me a sense of worth? identity? independence? All of the above? I thought it might be a vestige from “mad money” that my mother insisted I take on dates for the cab ride home if the date went bad.

  5. GeneralSOCssoftlanding

    This was very good for me to read. Master and i have a complete TPE, and that includes financial control. W/we only have difficulties when i don’t understand what is going on and where we are at in O/our journey. Thankfully, this part of O/our journey is drawing to a close and W/we will be rid of the hindrance in O/our life very soon. My Master is also very clever with money and I never have to suffer from a lack of trust in Him ever, in any aspect of O/our D/s relationship. He is truly a World Class Grand Master and my Hero!! i love Him.

  6. celticknot28

    What if the sub is better at controlling things like that. I def am not by any means. I know people who are worse. He does have dom traits. Hes very very dom in his work life. I see it all the time and I’m not even physically near him. We have switch rolls. ( he does wear his ring on the right hand untill his public collar comes in) we do switch roles every once and awhile. But for the financial aspect and the home in general he seems to dominate.

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