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Ted_subby is a 49 year old submissive to his monogamous dominant wife of over a dozen years. On his male submission web page at he posts fictional stories as well as a blog of his experiences with his dominant wife. Feel free to message him on FetLife or e-mail.

6 responses to “Male Submission – Fantasy vs Reality”

  1. bonimiss

    Another fascinating account of male submission @ted_subby. You explain your viewpoint very well.

  2. Jul 23, 2013 – A public beating | BDSM Ted_subby
  3. Cautious

    Sorry not sure if my msg was sent earlier my phone went off

    Hey I read your article and I have a question – I met a guy online and we started talking about bdsm but for some reason he stopped chatting to me online that was 6 months ago. I got a MSG from him yesterday saying he changed his phone and somehow my number got missing – he said if I was still interested he was an available sub – I told him I wasn’t experienced he said it was ok he has done all that can be done and his willing to eat my poop – that literally turned me off I mean my idea of a sub was spanking teasing strap on etc not extreme like pooing in his mouth shaving his hair slicing him with blade. I’m scared to send any replies to his messages – do you think I’m been too cautious

  4. lunaKM

    No, you don’t know him, he wants to do kinky things you have no interest in and he disappears only to reappear 6 months later. I’d say he’s a flake and you should find someone else. There are far too many red flags in this short comment alone for me to give that guy a time of day.

  5. ted_subby

    @Cautious: I agree with lunaKM, he does not seem like a good fit for you. I recommend sending him a reply that you are not interested.

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