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Ted_subby is a 49 year old submissive to his monogamous dominant wife of over a dozen years. On his male submission web page at he posts fictional stories as well as a blog of his experiences with his dominant wife. Feel free to message him on FetLife or e-mail.

13 responses to “Male Submission – The Worm”

  1. selkie

    Thanks for this, it is always interesting to get some insight into the male side of submission and I look forward to your next article.

    I find this article interesting because some of the worm’s qualities that you list remind me of the doormat dynamic in female submission which is generally regarded with disdain, unfortunately. But also, like worm, the term “doormat” seems to be very subjective (ugh, again with the labels, I know!).

    I think I will look deeper into the similarities/differences into the two dynamics. As you say, “there are many different mindsets in BDSM…” so I wonder if doormat can’t be just as meaningful in its own way. Im sorry if my drawing comparisons between worm and doormat offends, but I’m genuinely curious, now!

  2. tequilarose

    This was a really great article ted! Male submission has always been one of those things that have always been a bit of a mystery to me. I have also felt that male submission is a bit different than female submission, and also harder. To me, it takes an extremely strong man to admit that he has the need and desire to serve because of societal norms saying how a “real” man should act. Kudos to you ted for having the courage to follow your heart and write a great article about an aspect of male submission. I do look forward to reading more from you!

  3. selkie

    I felt the same way as you about male submission being different from what we do to the point where I wasn’t even sure how to relate to ted_subby at first, but after getting to know him almost a year ago, I found that its not a lot different. That may have a lot to do with the fact of our common circumstances – were both married to our Masters – but I think also that we are similar in other ways as well.

  4. bonimiss

    Very interesting article ted. I hesitate to use the word label but is “worm” a common mindset among submissive men? Are there other mindsets (I like that better) applied to male submission?

    @selkie .. interesting comparison to the doormat concept. Unfortunately the word doormat has so many negative connotations associated with the word and so many are quick to judge that it may never escape its current usage.

  5. tequilarose

    I feel that for either male or female submissives, that the desire and drive to serve is there. That’s just something that doesn’t change. I think there is more a of a negative stigma with male submissives than with the female and a lot of people do let those stigmas and stereotypes get in the way from being able to realize that we’re not that different at all! With reading this article, for some reason, really opened my eyes and made me realize that we’re not that different at all!

  6. Yourstouse

    Thank you for your article.

    I greatly enjoy being my dominant wife’s doormat, and having her treat me as a worm.

  7. ted_subby

    Thank you @Yourstouse. I enjoy reading when someone is able to live the dynamic they enjoy.

  8. Yourstouse

    Thank you ted_subbyfor your post.

    Your kind words are much appreciated.

    Allow me please to tell you how it all began.

    So, said my prospective new Black Mistress, you want to be my white male slave do you. Well, if I am to accept you, then there are certain terms and conditions that will apply.

    You will be nothing more than property for me to use in any way I wish. When in doors, you will always be naked, with the exception of a dog collar round your neck, to which from time to time I wall attach a leach.

    When not in use, you will be housed inside a locked metal cage made of iron bars. Your food will be a mixture of meal left over’s, kitchen scrapes, and cheap dog food.

    When out of your cage your food and drink will be supplemented by my waste products whenever I use you as a toilet.

    You will wait upon me hand and foot. You will at all times obey my commands immediately. You will never speak unless spoken to. If you wish to speak you will say “Please Mistress permission to speak”. However, only if I give my permission will you do so.

    If at any time I punish you, you will always afterwards thank me for doing so, and will continue until I tell you to stop.

    If all that I have said is acceptable to you, and you still want to be my slave. Then get down on your hands and knees, crawl forward on all fours up to my feet, and kiss them until I tell you to stop.

    I was overjoyed, and crawled forward to where She was sitting, and did exactly what She required.

    “That’s enough” She said. Now turn over and lie on your back with your head between my shoes.

    She then lifted Her left shoe, and placed it over my mouth, and ordered me to lick the dirt off the underside and swallow it.

    When She was satisfied with my efforts on Her left shoe, She exchanged it for the other one so that I could do the same on that also.

    She then stood up, and said. Your mouth must be very dirty, let me wash it clean for you.

    She then lifted Her skirt, removed Her knickers, lowered Herself down, so that Her pussy was directly over my wide open eager waiting mouth, and proceeded to wash all the filth from Her shoes down my throat and into my stomach.

    After She had finished, I thanked Her, over, and over again until She ordered me to stop.

    There are no words to describe the joy I felt at having my new Mistress using Her new slave in this way. The lovely tangy taste of Her golden nectar, Her kind and generous offering was simply out of this world, it was certainly out of Her, and now a part of me. Her seal of approval.

    My new owner than said, Is there anything you would like to ask me ?

    Yes please Mistress, I replied, so far all that you have done has given me pleasure, If I am to demonstrate my devotion, I must cost me something, I must experience pain.

    No problem She replied, follow me.

    She took me naked down into the cellar, fastened my wrists together, and secured them to a steel hook attached to the ceiling. She then separated my feet and clamped them to the opposite ends of a short wooden beam, after which She covered my mouth with several strips of sticky tape.

    All this was done in complete silence. She then left the cellar, and went back up stairs for a while. Leaving me strung up for an indefinite period to contemplate what She would do to me when at last She condescended to return.

    On the wall in front of me were erected two large full length mirrors, so that I could see Her behind me as She punished me. This was done with a broad leather belt.

    Again this was done in total silence, She never said a single word, and I could not make any sound due to the gag. The only noise to be herd was the sound of the leather belt as it struck my flesh

    She took Her time, She was in no hurry. There was as much as ten seconds between each blow. After She has given a dozen or more strokes, She left once more for an unspecified time, before returning to continue my punishment which hurt a great deal.

    However, the knowledge that I was completely helpless, unable to move, and totally in Her power for as long as She liked, was joy unspeakable.

    When She at last released me, I knelt down in front of Her, to kiss Her feet, and thank Her profusely for what She Had done.

    Only when She said “That’s enough” did I stop.


  9. Yourstouse

    Further to the above.

    Undeniable pleasure is exactly what I always experience whenever my Black Goddesses who’s property I am so proud to be, does me the honor of using me as Her very own personal human toilet.

    I feel that my body is no more than an extension of Her digestive system. It is indeed a great honor to be allowed to swallow all the same food, and drink that has previously entered Her mouth.

    To have my stomach filled to capacity with Her kind, and generous offering is indeed joy unspeakable.


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