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lunaKM has been a full-time slave in an M/s relationship for over 10 years. She is the founder and editor of Submissive Guide. Learn more about her here and connect with her on, Twitter, Google+, FetLife.

21 responses to “The Truth About Orgasm Control and Denial”

  1. Princess Peach

    My Daddy & I never sat down & talked about this, but he has always been able to make me orgasm multiple times during sex. So one day he got me close, and asked me if I wanted to cum. Of course I said yes, and he told me to ask nicely. I did, and he commanded me to cum. It’s developed into a bit of a game, but over the last 4 months it has progressed to where he can make me wait on the edge for a full minute, make me cum even when I’m not close to the edge, and keep me orgasming for way longer than usual. I absolutely *love* handing this control over to Daddy.

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