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39 responses to “A Primer on Pet Play and Human Pets”

  1. kitten

    No a “Dom” CAN NOT mold a pet. if they want a puppy they need to find one not change someone

  2. flossie

    I am a female pup, just starting out, why is this one of the few pages, that seem to acknowledge that there are female oups as well male pups


    I have a group on kik called #petplay1 would be great to develop this as a chat room for those that share the interest!

  4. Jacob

    is it possible for a male to be animal?

  5. lunaKM

    Yes Jacob, why would you think it isn’t possible?

  6. Jacob

    so petplay can be for everyone even different sexuality?

  7. lunaKM

    Yes it can.

  8. Aslfoxy

    1. Links goes to a site that ask for money T~T
    2. Can littles go into animal head space?
    3. You probably answer this but there anything like app or site(mobile friendly) that doesn’t cost money where all the spectrum of kink can connect other than that BORING Fetlife that’s currently not accepting new members? If you do know please send me to that direction cause I’m a little sub that always wanted to be a fox (:

    Thank you (:

  9. lunaKM

    1. There’s a note (*) that says Kink Academy is an affiliate. Yes, you pay money, but it’s well worth it for the content they provide.
    2. Yes.
    3. There isn’t somewhere public other than FetLife right now. You might be able to find the private groups on Facebook, but since I don’t use them, I can’t help you there.

  10. Purple

    You shouldn’t use actual pet food.
    As a switch I prefer to use cooked ground beef for puppies and tuna for kittens.

  11. Stephanie

    I’m trying to understand why my boyfriend (DOM) wants to be with me but yet not as his pet. He wished for another to satisfy him in that arena.
    Is there anyone willing to chat with me and help me understand why he even wants to be with me?

  12. lunaKM

    @Stephanie – No one is going to be able to understand what your boyfriend has decided. Only getting him to open up about why you can’t satisfy his needs in that way will you get the real answers.

  13. Brittany

    My bf is a pup. I’m not sure how I can for fill what he wants as I am new to this. HELP?

  14. lunaKM

    Brittany, everyone is new once. The first step is to learn what it means to him to be a pup, what does that entail and how he wishes you to fulfill the owner role for him. Then, explore and read about pet play and try things out with him. Keep the communication lines wide open and see where it goes.

  15. Brittany

    Thank you i was up all night reading ahah. I have a cupple ideas

  16. Rosie

    Hi! I’m very new to this and I’m more drawn to a wolf an am a little more defiant as a sub. So I have a more wild side rather than a domesticated side. My bf /Dom is also a newbie. So we don’t really know how to have this sort of relationship. What do you suggest?

  17. William Wolfe

    Hi! I’m a dominate and I love it. I really don’t like being submissive in any form unless it’s from a long term girlfriend or boyfriend and even then it is very rare. But I still enjoy pet play. I see myself as a bull and I wanted to know if that meant I ever had to be submissive in order to do this. Honestly, I want to be a bull but for my own self as dominate in the darker side of the BDSM community as a reminder than my submissive’s are people too so I subject myself to humiliation and feeling what they feel as well. I was wondering if this okay or normal. I also wanted to know if there was anyone you knew who did custom bull play masks like they have for puppy play? I’ve tried looking around and emailing a few people but no answer. Thank you so much.

  18. lunaKM

    You don’t have to be submissive to be a pet. Try for custom masks.

  19. Kevin

    In response to the pet play kink, it’s been going on for centuries. Even before the internet, folks used word of muzzle and adult parties to discover the relaxation of setting human ways aside and roleplaying animals. I certainly enjoyed my training in [east coast USA city] during college in the late 1970′s. No clothes but fur bikinis (all genders). Kiss a guest’s feet and lick his/her ankles. Anonymity helps Dom/mes pay attention to their pets.

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