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22 responses to “Pet Play and Human Pets: A Primer”

  1. requiempup (Requiem Pup)

    Reading Pet Play and Human Pets: A Primer * woot that’s mine! :)

  2. MsCsdarkangel

    Very informative blog thank you. On an off note some pet toys are not good for human pets so you want to make sure you get one they can use comfortably. A lot of dog toys are very furry or can be sharp or too big for a human mouth. You might want to taste test yourself when picking out a toy for your puppy. Also they have treat balls that when a puppy or kitty rolls it around treats come out. From past play I know those are a bad idea unless you want to be vacuuming a lot of squashed treats out of your carpet or sweeping off the floor. Plus unless your floor is really clean this could cause your human pet to pick up germs. Smaller cat toys roll under dressers, fridges, and other places very easily getting lost as well. Plus if there too small its often hard for a human kitty to bat and play with it properly. When shopping for your pet just put yourself in there shoes in order to pick up things that won’t be harmful or messy…Once again a very insightful and enjoyable essay thank you.

  3. elle

    Great article. =)

    elle’s recent blog post..Past History & the Modern Day

  4. skylerpet

    @mscdsarkangel: very good points about the toys! i do admit to having some fun thoughts of playing with one of those little balls with the holes in it though LOL! And yes, taste testing is very important. When i pick out new dog bones for myself i always make sure to get the ones with the little hole on the back of the packaging so i can rub my finger on it. That also gives you a good idea of the texture. They also do list the ingredients, what went into making the product so you can know in regards to what kind of play you will be doing with it.

    And also one note about collars: if you choose to wear an animal collar, as i do, it’s important to feel out the fabric first. Some can be very itchy and irritating. As we don’t have real fur to protect our necks, if you plan on wearing it for a long time you want to take that into consideration.

    @elle: thanks! :)

    skylerpet’s recent blog post..raondomness

  5. Nikki

    good information. I, personally, am just getting started with pet play, but I prefer the idea of being a pet girl rather than an animal. similar frame of mind, subservient and submissive, completely dependent on my dom or ‘owner’ while we’re palying. But i still use a toilet and eat ‘people’ food. Do you have any more insight or direction for me to look on the more human side of being a pet?

  6. Master Jack

    My puppy and I have had many good times with this but we’ve actually made a lifestyle of it. We both just enjoyed our roles so much that we decided to live them. She comes to bed when invited up, she knows all of her basic obedience, she comes to me when she’s hungry and she always loves to snuggle and just be cuddled. It’s not really about BDSM for us. I first implemented the idea to overcome some trust issues she had from a previous abusive relationship and now, we have a much deeper relationship and such an intimate understanding of each other. She relies on me heavily when we’re alone in our apartment and is always seeking my guidance when we’re out in public (not to say she can’t take care of herself. She’s very capable). It feels so good to have someone rely so much on me and for her, it feels good to be cherished and cared for so deeply. We love our life together as pet and owner and she’s even become so comfortable with it that we’ll be attending a “pet show” sometime this year. As a matter of fact, it’s her bath time now followed by some show training. ;)

  7. judgemagister

    Does this border line on being furry? Not that theres anything wrong with that but the whole ‘animal they most identify with’ bit seems to be a repeated concept of the furry subculture. This is merely an observational question, I mean no offense to any parties.

    1. KisaRae

      Actually, being a pet and a furry are very far apart, as I am both, and the two never combine, being a furry is having a love for anthropomorphic animals (i.e. Looney Toons characters) and feeling to be apart of them which includes fursuits, art, being silly and letting yourself loose, it’s non judgemental because no one knows who you are behind your head piece, being a human pet is quite different where you relinquish control to your master/trainer/ect and do everything in your power to make them happy, and are very open to people knowing it’s you via pics, videos, so forth. They both do have a sexual side to it, but human pets, I would say, are on the more “extreme” end of the spectrum as far as kink goes, bondage, dominance, submission, and what ever tickles your fancy.

      Though they do seem like they would be similar, they aren’t that sam actually, I hope I’ve cleared up a few things for the curious and I’m open to more questions to help any one ^_^

      *wags her tail and licks*

  8. morgan

    I have always dreamed of being someones kitten, but I never knew it was really possible. I’m a very cute, friendly, and busty mtf transsexual. [edited to remove private information.]

    1. Ixtar

      Same here ! I’d love a kitten specific article. Doesn’t have to be from this particular writer but I can never find KittenPlay” lol =^._.^= teehee

  9. LaneyD

    Wonderful info!!! I have recently entered into an Owner/pup relationship and all tips are most appreciated. I cannot wait to see what other info is offered in related posts by this author.

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  11. Diamonds

    Wonderful and informative article!! Very insightful!!
    I recommend stuffed animals for pets. I own a baby monster and I bought it an Ugly Doll (Ninja Bat) and my baby monster pet cried tears of joy and carries its toy everywhere.

  12. Ryo_the_abandoned_stray

    I LOVED reading this article! Though some things I do not agree with, I find myself…drawn into continuing to read and to see your point of view on this. I have read a few things on pet play and being a kitty myself have a weird obsession with looking into everything and reading into it. I haven’t had many good experiences with pet play or my past owners, but I LOVE acting and dressing up as a kitten and showing off my submissive side. The only thing I really disagree with is the bondage and using a real litter box. Personally that is way to much for me, but I think its interesting to read about it.

  13. puppy


    Very intresting. I love to be a pet. Am going to be a pet of my wife which is like a dream come true because I always wanted to be controlled by someone. I talked to my wife and she is now agree to make me her pet.
    I love to be collared and leashed. This feeling is the best feeling of the world to be a pet of someone.


    1. Kitty Lover

      I know the feeling i cant wait till im a pet in real life and not just on chat wedsites like IMVU i cant wait i have been talking with my Master and Maybe we can move and i can be his pet in Real life to

  14. Kitty Lover

    I have never beeen a pet in ral life…yet i want to be but for now im just on websites as one like IMVU i love it i have a Master he is knew to me and im am still learning I want to be a pet in real life but….I dont knnow whom would be my Master i hope i can find someone fast cuz i love it!

  15. Lilly

    I would like to say this is a very good article thank you for writing it! I am a roleplayer online. I have always liked the idea of pet play ever since I have seen it on Second Life. I have always role played a submissive character, but I had a question when it comes to real life. I am curious on the Dominant role, I have insecurities when it comes to the role in real life, even though I want to try it, but I am afraid of some man who is playing it off as he is a good man, but ends up being a serial killer. I may be too paranoid, but I am conflicted because I want to try it, but I have a deep set inner fear of once I am in bonds I will never be let out. Do you have any suggestions that might sooth my inner fears? ~Lilly~

    1. NiceMaster

      Hello my friend,
      You have a very valid concerns . It will boil down to TRUST. The only way to build trust is for you to get to know your master well before you submit.

      Take the time to know the man befor you accept him as your master.

  16. Good Girl

    Thank you. My Master provided me with the link to this page. Although we are well into ‘puppy play’ he would like to learn more about the subject and wishes to find more creative ways to control me. Thank you for your article, it’s very informative.

  17. kitten

    No a “Dom” CAN NOT mold a pet. if they want a puppy they need to find one not change someone

  18. flossie

    I am a female pup, just starting out, why is this one of the few pages, that seem to acknowledge that there are female oups as well male pups

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