This is a guest post by SkylerPet. She has written a Pet Play Primer on this site, and answered a question I sent her from a reader about what a human pet is.

Pet play is something I’ve spoken of before and enjoy engaging in myself. For many though, they’d like to be pets, just not animals. With small changes pet play it very easily be changed to being a human pet rather than an animal pet.

When you’re in a Dominance and submission relationship, being owned and collared really would be the first step, as pets typically are seen as being owned. You certainly do not have to be permanently owned; simply be your Owner’s pet when your collar is on and return to being your normal self when your collar is off.

However, the question really could be; how can you be your Owner’s pet without being an animal? Well, one big thing would be to have your collar not be an animal’s collar. There are many stores where you can get human sized collars, many that still include a D or O ring so you can have a leash if your Owner so chooses.

Also, things such as limited mobility, limited speaking ability and even limiting bathroom privileges are ways to act more pet like. You could learn tricks, have a bed on the floor for you to nap in at your Owner’s feet, make treats, such as a version of the sweet snack puppy chow, for your Owner to give you when S/He desires, things such as this, just humanize them. For example, a trick you could learn could be something sexual, or perhaps a dance you do for your Owner when S/He says a certain word. You could crawl instead of walk, eat off the floor or any other number of things.

Being a human pet is simply being a pet without including any specifically animal traits. So no barking or meowing, no ears or tails, treats that are human treats rather than animal treats. Animal pets are trained in the behaviors their Owner wants them to have. They often are taught tricks, have toys, typically a bed or small pet house and are punished if they misbehave. In my opinion it’s the tricks, toys and more playfulness that puts you into the category of pet. Of course this is my opinion. You are what your Owner says you are and wants you to be.

Skylerpet is a 24/7 submissive pup in her late 20′s. She has been into pet play since she discovered the D/s lifestyle and can be reached at: for emails and also YIM chat.