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2 responses to “About Punishment”

  1. Kres

    I believe that being bent over a chair without tethering should be whether the punishment can be properly accepted no matter how hard applied with the counting of the strokes of the cane or belt coming down across the buttock cheeks. I must admit that is how I normally recieve it and it is up to the master or mistress when to terminate the process. Always ready to chat. m

  2. Ian

    I am fairly new to the scene, but it seems to me you are hastily conflating two different meaning of the word punishment.

    One such meaning is the one you describe in the article: punishment as a mean of correcting violation of the “contract” between two players. Put in this way, “enforcing” the contract is left outside the contract itself. As you state, this is either damaging or non sensical, as it ends up violating consent, by application of force where consent is not in fact given.

    Another meaning is that of punishment play. Punishment following violation of rules is part of the contract. Rules can be either play rules, designed to be broken: “Keep your eyes low when you speak to me”, or can be the rules of the contract itself forming a meta-game. These need not violate consent. If it has been agreed upon that the sub should always answer positively to requests, then it might be a legitimate dynamic (as long as that, as well, has been agreed) to violate the rule to generate an excuse to chastise. Sure, the sub can use it to center attention onto itself as well as controlling the scene, but that’s a thing that is neither impossible or unheard of anyway, as is discussed and debated about the “control” the sub can exercise.

    It might be worth to point out that you are referring to the first one of such meaning. Following that, I fully agree with your article.

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