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Mrs. Darling is the lady of what appears to be a traditionally old-fashioned household: a homemaker and doting mother and wife with her husband off working to bring home the bacon. Aspiring to be an all around domestic goddess, she focuses her energy on cooking, baking, crafting, sewing, and being the idealized 1950’s housewife. Each evening, when the house is quiet, Mrs. Darling hangs up her apron in exchange for a slave collar. She is living in a “Modern Day 1950’s M/s (Master/slave) household.” Along with her Master, known in writing as MR (Mister), she is on a mission to educate the general population about what an M/s household can really look like. She can be contacted directly at

4 responses to “Finding Your Submissive Voice: Speak Up for Better, Honest Communication”

  1. GuitarGurl

    What a great article! Thanks!

  2. Chris

    I’m just starting on my submissive journey and this has framed my mind on what to expect as a sub. Really excited thanks for sharing.

  3. red_Max

    This is really well written! I read it out loud to my Sir, as I am assigned to do whenever I wish to share something important with him, and we both found it enjoyable and useful, I will most likely print it out for further use. Thank you :}.
    Overall I’ve been enjoying your posts here, Mrs. Darling, as the style and topics you opt for fit both my Sir and me. ^^

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