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My name is AndyIccee. I have been practicing S&M for almost 3 years, and my Master and I transitioned to full time D/s about six months ago. I am currently still in school, I am working towards a PhD in Psychology with a focus on Women's Advocacy, Domestic Abuse, and Sexual Assault. I hope to become a professor!

2 responses to “A Mentoring Checklist: What to Expect in a Mentor”

  1. Rev

    This is great andyiccee! I’m going to save a copy, maybe make some modifications. I like the way it presents the info and possibilities that can be considered. Thanks for sharing it and your thoughts on mentoring.

    (and I also am working on a PsyD- I’m so glad to cross paths with others who are kink and other alt-lifestyles fluent, and working towards training in the helping professions. Best wishes on your journey!)


  2. Angel

    Thank you for sharing this document with us. I really appreciate it. I myself have thought about being a mentor to someone else. I will definitely make a copy of this and use it.

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