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6 responses to “Thoughts on Isolation and Feeling Alone”

  1. subkitty

    Hi kaya.
    Thank you for writing this very interesting post.
    I’d like to ask have you always been a person that prefers
    isolation on company, or is this happened as a part of our dynamic
    with your Master?

  2. Tequila Rose

    Thank you so much kaya for this article. It was extremely interesting to read about how your living in isolation helps your submission grow and I can really see that. It has given me something to think about. Thank you again!

  3. kay

    I don’t think I was especially anti-social throughout my life, no. I had friends, went out, was friends with the people I worked with, etc. The usual, I guess. I had distanced myself from a lot of those people in the year or two before meeting M, though, for unrelated reasons, so it seemed easier to slip into the isolation than it might have been at the height of my social ‘career’ so to speak. :)

  4. kay

    Thank you!

  5. Bethany

    This post defiantly caught my attention, Master has been isolating me from everything and i dont mind but, he is now isolating me from my family. The phone in the household is his cell phone and he rarely lets me speak to my family. I dont know how to talk to Him about this. Help?

  6. Clement

    As a defense against harmful thoughts, isolation prevents the self from allowing these cognitions to become recurrent and possibly damaging to the self-concept.

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