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Tequila Rose is a full time slave who recently relocated to Germany to be with her Master. She has been in the lifestyle since her early twenties and continues to learn more about the lifestyle and being a slave. She now spends her days learning her new language and wandering the streets of Dortmund. You can contact her via email:

6 responses to “Shame Shame, I Know Your Name – Shame and the Lifestyle”

  1. Richard James

    Loved your article! You really think and share your feelings so well.

  2. Masters_cumal

    when i was introduced to the lifestyle by my first Master, i never felt shame. if anything i felt happy that there was a name to what i had felt since my late teens. probably the reason was that my father had brought me up that there was nothing dirty about sex. no matter who did it or how it was done.. as long as both people wanted it and no one was hurt or anything done against their will, it was fine. i will always thank my father for what he had taught me.

  3. Reverend Morgan

    Dear tequilarose~

    Thanks for the nod sweetheart! For the record, I read the submissive guide posts too. I came across the SG initially when a friend shared a post from Norische and when I checked out the website, I fell in love. I’ve learned so much from the SG and the chats, I was thrilled when discussions with lunaKM led to the lead contributor position for the Dominant Guide.

    Anyway, this is a lovely piece of writing. Shame can be so limiting, but thankfully there’s so much we can do to alleviate it. I’m happy to hear not everyone struggles with it, but I do and it was such a relief to me to find out that other Doms did too. Freedom! I’m all about it.

    Thank you for sharing your experience and insight with us.

    Rev (Morgan)

  4. stella

    I do not feel any shame for submission. All of my friends and relatives know that I am doing bdsm. After knowing it, my close two of my close relative asked me to do bdsm. In bdsm parties, many of them took my bdsm photos and videos. I do not mind it. I am not doing any wrong. I am doing what I like. I do not harm anyone. So I never feel shame.

  5. Wendy

    I am trying to come to terms with this about myself and the shame is terrible. Especially when I look at BDSM in porn. Those Tumblrs full of gifs of women being strangled and slapped and beaten, and every one of them looks so weak, sad, frightened and pathetic. I hate being one of them. I wish I could get off on grinding a man under my heel, sticking things in his throat til he pukes or his butt til he bleeds. But I can’t. I can’t change it as much as I wish I could. I just have to make peace with it.

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