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Kallista is an English teacher and author; she and her Dom dated for a year before they made the choice to begin actively exploring the D/s aspects that had begun to take shape in their relationship.

5 responses to “Submitting in a Long Distance Relationship: The Big Meet”

  1. sexybaby72

    I’d like to say that if you are faithful to this long distance relationship, chances are you want to have sex at least once before you go home, kinky or not. This is especially true when you know the next meeting will be far down the road. I’ve only met someone from online once, and it was outside D/s but i met him in a sex chat room so kinkiness was still a factor. Over SIX years passed where we talked on and off varying between casual friendship and a more intimate relationship complete with I love you’s. When I finally saw him I felt relaxed and happy and could tell he was very happy to see me too. I was only there two nights. I was nervous but that died down after the first kiss and then completely went away sometime later after the second kiss. We fooled around a only a little the first night and this was after we cuddled to watch a movie and I had been falling asleep with my head on his lap felling extra mushy and close to him. The next day he made plans to take me out to eat, to the art and science museums and an imax movie(which was awesome!). After an amazing day, we ended up shooting pool that night, something we both like to do. Oh and he cooked dinner. After doing all that for me and making me feel like a million bucks I absolutely was dieing to have him and the following morning i was leaving so after my shower i went to him on the couch in just matching underwear and a robe and made out with him. He was never pushy to me and in fact talked a little more about things, feelings and what we were going to do after my sexy kiss but when we did finally get in the bedroom i didnt regret any second of this wild adventure. In the end, the sex was ok and wasnt the point but the emotions behind it were deeper and i finally was able to connect with him in a way i couldnt all those years. Although we are just friends now, i still wouldnt take any of it back for a second. Financially we split the cost of the trip and he took care of food while i was there so all i spent money on were my souvenirs from the museums. I wasnt really as safe as i couldve been but after that much time of getting to know eachother, knowing not only his address but his mothers and fathers address(who lived seperately), having spoken to his friends, having access to his whole family over facebook and with him having given me passwords to his accounts to manage since he rarely signed on(email, myspace, etc) I honestly felt there was nothing to be scared of. He didnt hide anything from me and there were many days we talked while he was working. (He entrusted me with info about his work too). The last part was saying goodbye and there is NOTHING that can prepare you for that feeling. I was miserable. I didnt want to let go with that last hug. He did give me a tshirt to take which meant alot to me, and Id suggest other LD couples try to do the same because its one more thing to keep you connected in the distance. You could one up that and get his signature cologne to spray on the shirt every now and then so you can smell him while u wear the shirt. I didnt do that but it was an idea i had, i often wore the shirt to sleep.

  2. ted_subby

    I met my Princess online, although our relationship was not D/s until much later after we were married. We talked on the phone every night for months before we met, and while we were both nervous we both also knew that this was the same person we fell in love with long distance. Once we were in her car from her picking me up at the airport I put my head on her shoulders and was rewarded with an embrace.

  3. Dom Amator

    Too funny that I find this tonight. I live in Florida. A friend in Santa Fe had a female movie buddy. He knew we both like to write erotica, so he online introduced us. It took off like a rocket. He never knew that she was a submissive who loves pain. I’ve never been a dominant, just the proverbial light bondage. The thoughts have long been there. The fantasies that I write for her make her wet. Next week we’ll act some out.

    Anyway, sub will be here for a week of D/s fun and old fashioned romance.

    I love this site, It’s sort of like reading Cosmo back in the 1980′s, getting into women’s heads with the information they gave me.

  4. Bi bunny

    So me and my man have a long distance relationship… D/s is new to both of us… Anybody have some ideas on what we could do… Until
    March 2016 I live at home,, and he is at college finishing school… I’m his first girlfriend/ submissive… I’m not even completely sure what I should call him.. Cuz as we all know role play doesn’t happen everyday.. Anyone have any thoughts.. Thanks

  5. lunaKM

    Hi Bi bunny,

    I think you should pick up my free ebook on online submission. Most LDR dynamics have an element of online in them that you might find some assistance with that book. Also since D/s is so new, you should learn about what it means to you and make sure you and he feel the same way about it.

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