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Tequila Rose is a full time slave who recently relocated to Germany to be with her Master. She has been in the lifestyle since her early twenties and continues to learn more about the lifestyle and being a slave. She now spends her days learning her new language and wandering the streets of Dortmund. You can contact her via email:

16 responses to “Daddy-Little Girl Dynamics: It’s Not Easy Being A Little”

  1. daddyslittle6

    Beautifully said miss TRose! You are amazing in so many ways!

    Thank you for so eloquently stating the little difficulties. A lot of people are actually very cruel with the little population. I see so many just remain silent about being little. It is a journey that the faint of heart will likely wish to avoid.

    I never imagined how difficult it could be to enter little headspace or claim that title.

    Thank you for writing about the lifestyle.


  2. A lost little

    very well put. Most days I hide my little. I don’t let her out, because its just not safe to show that side of me and the more and deeper I explore the lifestyle the more frustrated I get because I can’t really be me with most of the people I meet. If I am, I hear that all the time.. You need to grow up.. I am a grown up, but I am a little too. I do what I have to do. My house is clean, my bills are paid, my day to day is taken care of. But I feel.. Inside.. like a kid left in a dark parking lot, lost and alone. And none of my friends seem to understand why I can feel that way when I do have so many friends. Its because they don’t really see me. They don’t know me because they just can’t understand that side of me.

  3. dirtydiana58

    This sums up exactly how i feel. While i’ve never been told to ‘grow up’ that is largely because i only let my little out around people i trust as she is shy and scared (unlike how i am in ‘real life’). i am still completely new to the ‘little’ part of me – or at least new to knowing what it is that i was feeling, and i’m glad to see posts like this as i feel that the more i learn and understand my ‘little’ side, the better equipped i’ll be to explain what i need when i find the right person.

  4. Aurora

    Can any of you help me figure out what I am? In normal life, I’m extremely dominant, successful and need to be in control. That’s part of why I love giving up control. I like to be thomped into submission. My fantasies revolve around someone taking care of me. Feeding me. Bathing me. I’m not so interested in service. What is this?

  5. Delores

    As I sit here and read this, I think wow this is me..I am not a slave just a little, I do not work but I do take care of the house and my Daddy takes care of me and I take care of him.We do not hide who we are in the least, I call him Daddy every where even if we are on facebook and tons of people always comment on the fact that I do call him Daddy, some times it is hard to explain, most times I do not because Daddy says it does not matter to him what people think. As you said at times you are scared to deal with government places and stuff like that, this is me, and when its time to be an adult I am even tho I rather not, I do. This life style is perfect for us and I love it, it is so wonderful to have the man I love take care of me and cherish me for me and support everything i do its amazing.My friends and family do not understand why I call him Daddy or why I choose to sit at his feet or even when it comes to serving him and doing everything he asks. I know everything that is asked of me is for my own good and he would never ask me to do any thing that was not good for me. I have started school online and he supports me 100 percent as he looks over my home work and helps me make it better and my grades are awesome because he is there to help me even if he works so many hours he finds time for me. I just wanted to say some people may not understand but all in all if it makes you complete then no one in the world matter but what you and your Daddy love.

  6. Delores

    dirtydiana58 I know how this feels, I love coloring and dolls and pretty nice things such as hello kitty and living dead dolls and nightmare before christmas and im in love with alice in wonderland, me and my Daddys room looks like a adult childs room instead of a room like my sisters all adult like lol, I have had people tell me your a grown women but you color and keep dolls on your bed. This is ok this is who we are, I do not talk like a child when i know its not appropiate but the things i love are child like, my Daddy hugs and kisses me kisses my boo boos if I get hurt and we bathe each other and he picks out my clothes, i even have a journal i keep so i can write down the things i did during the day so he can read them when he sits a relaxs and even helps me with my home work as i suck in math and he excels in it. I think all people have the personality as a child just some more than others and if you find the right person and can be who you are then it is very full filling. if ever you need to talk or need a friend my email is feel free to write me.

  7. Knightwalker

    This is a great read. Albeit I consider myself a domme, I do however, feel the yearning to have a man by my side who makes me feel comfortable and protected. There has been only one man that triggers such urges in me, and I have known him for several years. Naturally, I am a leader, I tell people what to do, I voice my opinions and for some I am considered a feminist. However, with this one individual, all my walls crumble, I become this little girl that all she seeks is his attention, his love, his protection. To say that it is both confusing and endearing is a severe understatement. I love it when a man says “yes my mistress” because I feel that I am in control. However, when this individual says “good girl”, my knees get week, a grin possesses my face and I suddenly feel incredibly happy.

    Anyone has endured this confusion before?

  8. fallenangel

    Thank you so much for this post. Just recently I’m realizing that I have a little side. I haven’t shared it with anyone as I get scoffed at enough. I love pretty things , stuffies, hello kitty, flowers , coloring or painting etc…..
    My emotions are a bit overwhelming as a submissive in a new online relationship for nowwhich is planned to become IRL.

  9. Nightbird

    Thank You, for shedding some light on littles. I have always known that I was a little but I didn’t have a name for it. But I was very fortunate enough to find my Mommie. She lets me be myself, even when I am about to have a meltdown. The funny thing is that she is younger than me by five years. She also understands that I am still learning about the lifestyle.

  10. RM

    It used to be so common to call the man of the house “Daddy” and now it’s not. I grew up with my grandparents and always heard my grandmother call my grandfather “Daddy”. I serve in my own little way. I love to cook and clean, make arts and crafts, I love being a home maker who also has a successful career where I can make money from home. But like I’ve tried to explain so many times before, the servitude of a little is sometimes a bit precarious, because our little sides are typically not rational when we are upset or scared. I connect with your articles so much and am so glad I found them.

  11. Waiting to be me

    I’ve never been a relationship that was in this life style but over time after reading things I found it interesting. While reading this when you talked about some characteristics of a little I felt like you where speaking to me about me. I tried talking to my husband of 13 years about these and we’ll it never goes over well. Everyone around me makes it clear “it’s wrong”. I haven’t even had a chance to know if it’s right for me and I felt like I never will. I love my husband but so much is missing in my life. Is there a way to open him up to trying? OK sorry I got lost in thought. Anyways thank you. I feel like I understand myself a little bit more.

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