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One response to “Ask lunaKM – Final Tests of Submission, BBWs in Kink and Dominant Titles”

  1. FatherJon

    Sounds like there’s a very large number of desperate women out there prepared to do almost anything to attract the ‘Dom of their dreams’. Having been down the BDSM road once upon a time, I’d urge extreme caution. There are a lot of equally desperate disreputable wannabe ‘Doms’ out there who see BDSM as their ‘last chance saloon’. Meet first in a public place before advancing any kind of personal material which can just be used as wank fodder and giggles amongst mates. It can also leave you open to blackmail of various sorts if he has your pics or vids in compromising positions.

    ‘Caveat emptor’ applies even to buyers of love, admiration and affection.


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