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6 responses to “Find a Munch at!”

  1. Promoters & Pimps» The Munch+Adult Local Link (MALL) Directory

    [...] Submissive Guide [...]

  2. Morgan

    This looks GREAT! I’ve been cruising through the listings for Washington and the Seattle area listings at least look pretty accurate. I’ll be sharing this one around. I’d like to post it on the Dominant Guide too. What do you think?

    Thank you!

  3. Morgan

    Awesome! Will do.

  4. JoySpreader

    @Morgan – I would be honored and thrilled if you would add this article to The Dominant Guide. Pls let me know if you do so, so I can add TDG to our Promoters page, and give it even more visibility.
    @LunaKM – Thanks so much for posting and sharing this article; I’m glad to see us both expanding our reach!

  5. gareth_mcintosh

    hello Miss luna i have a Question and not seen much on this subject and what if they Advice that can look up please the Question is how do Mistress or Doms deal with People with learning Curve or disabilities in bdsm Lifestyle i been the bdsm scene now about 3 and half years and now Mistress understands and what if any topics or info on to Wonderful site that my be to look up cose i have a Mistress put she seem to understand her sub with is me cose my learning Cruvre and what any help or Advice i look up please as i tell all from the start cose that a could way to a D/S relationship with lie from the off so i tell straight up front put soon as tell this they run a mile and what if any Advice to topics i look into please thank you hope to here back soon

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