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5 responses to “How to Write a BDSM Scene Report”

  1. heather

    This is a great article! :) I’m not required to give scene reports, but I journal them anyway.. I love them. It helps me remember both the good and bad about the scenes that I am given. :)

    I totally agree with waiting a day. I journal them the following night, and my mind works so much better!

  2. subtoJB

    Thank you for another great article! I, too, have used my journal to chronicle play, but I found it incredibly difficult to put my feelings into words. When I manage to express how I felt at the time, I find myself using the same words over and over again. I really like the idea of listing words/feelings and then piecing it together later, like a mind map. I think there’s a great deal of value in documenting each scene, both for personal use (to keep in a training schedule or submissive resume) and as another way to provide feedback for our Doms or Masters.

  3. 4mymaster1205

    I am not required to prepare scene reports, but I do usually journal about our scenes. My journal entries wind up being much like the above. Master doesn’t always review my journal, but if there is something in particular I would like him to see, he will do so. Master and I do not get to spend much time together (seeing each other only a couple times a week), so it is important to us to make the best use of what time we do have. Keeping a journal of our scenes helps us to do so.

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  5. Sub jen

    My sir often asks me to send him a mail after we have had an intense session, he is wise and knows that it helps me to deal with my feelings.

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