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Ted_subby is a 49 year old submissive to his monogamous dominant wife of over a dozen years. On his male submission web page at he posts fictional stories as well as a blog of his experiences with his dominant wife. Feel free to message him on FetLife or e-mail.

11 responses to “Male Submission – Foot Fetish”

  1. bonimiss

    Another fascinating and comprehensive article @ted_subby. I find it enjoyable to learn about something that others enjoy and try to put myself in their shoes, :).

    Sir enjoys my bare feet. I didn’t know this and the first photo of me that he ever saw, I had bare feet. Boy was I glad I kicked off those sandals. One of my rules is to provide the colors of my nail polish for him to select and I must keep my nails clean and presentable. And of course, he loves to whip my feet although I am not too crazy about it. But then I love the things I hate and bastinado falls into this category.

  2. Tommysole

    My mistress has me lick her feet and soles where ever we are.
    At her friends birthday party a few months back, she was sitting in one part of the room and I in another.
    She decided to pop off her shoes and call out, “oh foot boy!” I complied by massaging her feet and sucking her toes. ——this was a party with adults, no children were there.—-
    I do have a major foot fetish and there is no humiliation in the act of licking her feet when she desires me to do so. She even has me lick her friends feet and massage her sisters feet when they need a good rub.

  3. tequilarose

    thanks again ted_subby for another great article about male submission! i did find this one particularly interesting because i learned something new about the foot fetish that i hadn’t known before!

  4. Tommysole

    It is quite a thrill for her and me both!
    She enjoys the thrill of having a good tongue bath on her feet and I love the aspect that she loves the feel of me doing it.
    Of course some people dont know what to say when they me licking her feet or rubbing them in a public area.

    Once at the anacortes art festival, she was very tired and had me rub her feet for her. A woman saw me doing this and asked if she could be next.


  5. Masters_cumal

    thank you for the great article. i am a female with a foot fetish. i’ve had it since in my teens. it has always been my secret. i was always too ashamed to tell anyone. even Master until very recently. we are slowly working on it so i dont feel that shame anymore.. Master doesn’t have one personally, but he really enjoys when i worship his feet.

  6. Tommysole

    It is so rare to see a female with a foot fetish!
    And very nice to see one once in a while. My owner loves the smell of her feet on my face and sometimes licks if off my face after an extended lick session with her feet on my face.
    She also likes the smell of my own feet and treats me when the fancy strikes her by sucking my toes for a few minutes.

  7. Feline du Nord

    I love the feet of the ones I love or lust after.
    As a Domina I like to lick, bite and tickle feet at my whim… And a good beating of a subs feet… Yeah…
    I like them clean, but a little salt from fresh sweat is nice as well… I like to trample, CBT with my feet, scratch with the nails of my feet, pinch with my toes… massage with them… And when I’m in the mood for it I’ll give a footjob… Let him lick his semen of afterwards… So that’s for my active part… I blend my footfetish in with my play…
    And I love to have my feet worshipped… massaged, licked… caressed… nibbled on, softly bitten, gently tickled… I like to take care of my feet… They are soft and supple.. my nails always polished…

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