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Tequila Rose is a full time slave who recently relocated to Germany to be with her Master. She has been in the lifestyle since her early twenties and continues to learn more about the lifestyle and being a slave. She now spends her days learning her new language and wandering the streets of Dortmund. You can contact her via email:

24 responses to “Daddy’s Little Girl – Exploring the Ageplay Dynamic”

  1. withabandon

    Thank you tequilarose for sharing!
    I’m new to the idea of Daddy/little relationships, but once I started reading about them, I couldn’t stop. I had seen terms like “Daddy Dom” floating around but never really read up on them until after having a boyfriend who loved when I called him Daddy, and affectionately referred to me as his little girl. While researching, whenever I read sweet stories like yours I find myself tearing up. This is what I’ve always wanted, but didn’t know I could have.
    I have just started dating the most wonderful Dom who accepts and loves all of my little quirks. But I haven’t found the guts to really have a conversation about this, just left some breadcrumbs on Fetlife. He previously expressed some ambivalence about being called Daddy. But I don’t think He’s ever really looked into the Daddy/little dynamic. He’s very open-minded, and one of the things I love about Him is how non-judgmental He is…I can’t believe that I’m so nervous. Do you have any advice for initiating the conversation?

  2. GinaSmile

    I am in a new relationship with a Dom that informed me he loves to be called Daddy. I really want to please him, and I don’t have any problem calling him Daddy, but I would like to get some other ideas of things that I can do for him that will heighten the experience and please him more. Any help is welcomed. Thank you

  3. daddyslittle6

    Dear tequilarose,

    Thank you so much for this article. I have just started looking at the daddy/littlegirl life and am finding it enticing. My Daddy as I now call him has embraced me as his little, we do not know why I feel the way I do. I have been drawn to stuffed animals, sleeping with them, soft blankets, and such for as long as I can remember. We came into the dom/sub life quite by surprise and fell into it. We have been together for decades and always naturally fell into a dom/sub role but never realized it because we didn’t practice the ins and outs as we understood it based on being vanilla. Now we are exploring and have decided I need the Daddy aspect which does interest Daddy quite a bit. We have both understood vanilla was flat for us and unfulfilling. I think we are finally finding our way. I become simply enthralled, he becomes intent and slips into it so well. This kind of information helps me feel more sure of my desire to be a little girl to my Daddy.

  4. carla3

    Thank You All For Sharing Your Stories. I HavE BeeN With My Husband For Over 20 years And In The PaSt Year We Have Been Exploring A D/s Relationship. We Knew We Were Both Missing Something, But Didn’t Know What It Was. We Have Discovered That Something Was A Daddy/Little Relationship. I Can’t Tell You How Much It Means To Know I Am Not Alone In Needing Him To Be My Daddy. It Soothes A Part Of Me That Nothing Else Has Ever Done. Thank You For Helping ME Embrase This Side Of Myself.

  5. Masters_cumal

    Master had never thought of being my Daddy. i had talked to him about being his babygirl . Master has embraced it. we now have a Master/Daddy slave/babygirl dynamic. it works out very well. whenever i am afraid or feel frail, i know i can always go to Daddy and he will take me into his arms and chase the away the fears. i have coloring books, lots of stuffed toys. the only thing that we dont do when he is Daddy, is being sexual or playing. i was molested as a small child, and brings back too many bad memories. so when i need Daddy i hold up four fingers, and he knows who i need. Daddy tells me that his heart melts when we are laying in bed and i look up to him and say ” i love you Daddy.”

    1. lunaKM

      That’s beautiful and I’m so happy to hear that it fills your needs and makes you feel safe. Thank you for sharing!

  6. jasmine

    Im in a new daddy /baby girl relationship we met online thru vanilla world but id been a baby girl b4 just wrong daddy’s abusive ones
    He. Is wonderful n so kind n nice he let me no he is dominate n i let him no im submissive amazing connection we didnt even no till after meeting he said sm women dont like it so he tries to suppress it ,n we r a perfect match,so date 3 i was told his ex called him daddy he was already calling me baby girl n i said i wanted to find sm thing to call him our 1st nite 2gether i wanted to call him daddy but was too afraid too , so date 3 he told me his ex called him daddy n we discussed it he said i could call him that or what ever i wanted n back at hotel i blurted out daddy n its been daddy ever since n after that i wrote him a letter n i asked him to look up daddy dom n he did n was amazed how it fit him n a baby girl fits me perfectly, we r now inlove n very happy a daddy n baby girl
    Its sooo hard to find a good daddy. I waited for him for years we still have things to learn but oh soo amazing to have found each other n fell rt in to step with dom/sub then daddy baby girl rt away
    N he was just a natural dominate n did some things of bdsm nature but not live it so its like a fairy tail come true so far n i really hope it is really really long term i waited yrs for perfection i found the perfect daddy for me

  7. Gray

    How come I never hear about little boys in age play? Not ABDLs or mommies and little girls or daddies and little girls. And what about queer age players? It’d be nice to get some representation. If any of you guys know of anything like that, that’d be awesome.

    1. lunaKM

      I agree, representation of the male side would be amazing! If you know of anyone that would be willing to talk about their experiences I’m open to read a draft!

  8. Autumn

    I’m sure its abit of the same, ive seen some BB/mommy relationships on fetlife. Just think, if we little’s enjoy our stuffed pony or our bambi :) , then they may enjoy a stuffed snake or a shark maybe. Maybe he loves tiny race cars to collect, and maybe loves to watch cartoons like we used to all watch :) . By no means to do any of this makes you a AB/DL , but to each their own. think if you had a son, what would they like. That’s how I see my inner little girl, I see her like if I had a daughter… How would I respond, how would I dress, what would I love to do/play with? If I was my daughter. Well, I got my answer. a few months ago, thanks to Tequila rose. For her advice, support, and friendship :)

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