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Tequila Rose is a full time slave who recently relocated to Germany to be with her Master. She has been in the lifestyle since her early twenties and continues to learn more about the lifestyle and being a slave. She now spends her days learning her new language and wandering the streets of Dortmund. You can contact her via email:

20 responses to “Daddy’s Little Girl – Exploring the Ageplay Dynamic”

  1. withabandon

    Thank you tequilarose for sharing!
    I’m new to the idea of Daddy/little relationships, but once I started reading about them, I couldn’t stop. I had seen terms like “Daddy Dom” floating around but never really read up on them until after having a boyfriend who loved when I called him Daddy, and affectionately referred to me as his little girl. While researching, whenever I read sweet stories like yours I find myself tearing up. This is what I’ve always wanted, but didn’t know I could have.
    I have just started dating the most wonderful Dom who accepts and loves all of my little quirks. But I haven’t found the guts to really have a conversation about this, just left some breadcrumbs on Fetlife. He previously expressed some ambivalence about being called Daddy. But I don’t think He’s ever really looked into the Daddy/little dynamic. He’s very open-minded, and one of the things I love about Him is how non-judgmental He is…I can’t believe that I’m so nervous. Do you have any advice for initiating the conversation?

  2. withabandon

    Thank you so much for the advice! I definitely need to organize my thoughts so I can get my feelings across properly.
    <3 I really appreciate it! I'll let you know how things go once I talk to Him.

  3. withabandon

    Hi again! I just wanted to tell you that I spoke to my Dom and it went really well. I wasn’t super prepared because I just decided to talk about it after a conversation where He sweetly reminded me that I could tell Him anything, even if I was afraid He wouldn’t like it.
    So it turns out He had read my posts in the Daddy/girl group on Fetlife, and let me talk about what it all meant to me. Thankfully, this conversation was online so it was a lot easier for me to articulate my thoughts than it would have been if I brought it up while He was at my place. He was so understanding, and confirmed my belief that His personality already meshes well with the dynamic.
    I feel lighter now. And I feel even more certain that I belong with Him.
    Thank you for your encouragement!

  4. GinaSmile

    I am in a new relationship with a Dom that informed me he loves to be called Daddy. I really want to please him, and I don’t have any problem calling him Daddy, but I would like to get some other ideas of things that I can do for him that will heighten the experience and please him more. Any help is welcomed. Thank you

  5. daddyslittle6

    Dear tequilarose,

    Thank you so much for this article. I have just started looking at the daddy/littlegirl life and am finding it enticing. My Daddy as I now call him has embraced me as his little, we do not know why I feel the way I do. I have been drawn to stuffed animals, sleeping with them, soft blankets, and such for as long as I can remember. We came into the dom/sub life quite by surprise and fell into it. We have been together for decades and always naturally fell into a dom/sub role but never realized it because we didn’t practice the ins and outs as we understood it based on being vanilla. Now we are exploring and have decided I need the Daddy aspect which does interest Daddy quite a bit. We have both understood vanilla was flat for us and unfulfilling. I think we are finally finding our way. I become simply enthralled, he becomes intent and slips into it so well. This kind of information helps me feel more sure of my desire to be a little girl to my Daddy.

  6. daddyslittle6

    Thank you so much again!

    Last night Daddy suggested I go shopping and get what speaks to my little. I came home with many items which excited Daddy very much he loves my little side. I imagine I will contact you as things go along. This is all so new it is a whirlwind of new, yet it is old because we always fell in as sub and dom without knowing it. We have been like a 1950′s couple where he was in charge and I was his protected little girl who can only handle so much responsibility outside of the home. Yesterday I found myself fall back into what I call the domino effect where I get upset and then it domino’s out of control and pieces keep falling in a very definitive pattern and I get more and more upset. It used to be I had to follow it out until the end and nothing could stop it. Yesterday Daddy told me to stop and that I was getting out of line. In the vanilla world that is a huge no no and would be considered domineering in a bad way. I have been in and out of therapy trying to control it for so long. All it took was his quick correction over the phone and I snapped back. I calmed down on my own after that and focused letting my little color until Daddy got home then I was over it. That has never happened before and it would take me as much as 24 hours to soothe and calm down, plus a lot of reassurance from my Daddy who was then my vanilla husband. This took a matter of 5 minutes. The relief is amazing. I really think I am a little one who needs a Daddy for direction. And my Daddy is a Daddy and neither of us knew it. He was suppressing it to be vanilla. But he is happier as a Daddy so far. This morning I woke up with a smile for the first time in… I cannot remember how long. Everything was a relief. Thank you so much for being out here for me to connect with. Finally life may make sense and have a good feeling. Instead of being an outcast in a vanilla world I am recognizing myself and others which feels amazing. I see some of my stuff in your wording. I thought I was just spineless to my Daddy with self esteem problems. It turns out I need Daddy for guidance and reassurance. Plus shopping as a little was incredible. I connected on so many levels and didn’t care who saw me or what the cashier thought as I checked out with a cart full of toys and baby items with bows in my hair LOL. It is also a relief having Daddy say “Oh it’s not high maintenance it is you needing to be little.” So again thank you very much!

  7. daddyslittle6

    Oh that makes me sad for you! I remember leaving my little stuff behind as an age little. I remember my cabbage patch baby most specifically. I was looking and saw the new ones and realized how much I missed my original. I don’t even remember how it went away. It is good you found new things though.

    I am having some really interesting moments with this. I feel the little like I never imagined. It does connect deeply with the sub in me. I found I just need a Daddy. I struggled so much and for so long to be the right big. To meld myself to be strong and capable and need no one ever. But it was protection and trying to fit in inside the vanilla world because I didn’t know this was possible or that my Daddy actually was a Daddy. He tried hard to be a vanilla male, then we tried a hotwife thing and it worked for him and I forced myself to be that to please him. Interestingly we discovered even in that dynamic we were a dom/sub in a very complicated way. Then we started moving towards cuckolding and I was really struggling, then we started to struggle as a couple. He needs to be dom, I need to be sub, and I needed to find my lg. He identifies as a Daddy as a dom because he cares for his sub and has a need to teach her, and he loves my little. He loves the little girls stuff like dresses and bows, ruffles and such and he experienced guilt put on him by a vanilla world.

    He let them dictate that his appreciation for little girl stuff made him an abuser. Even though the appreciation never showed up on age related little girls, he still is only attracted to women but loves the attire. He likes lg stuff on adult women. So once we found there was a difference he fell into it like he was at home. And I am at home inside my little. I feel free, vulnerable, and safe for the first time ever. I feel protected, and like I belong somewhere. I struggled for so long thinking I was just a bad creation. It turns out I am a perfect creation just not perfect for the vanilla world.

    I also really gravitate towards lg stuff, lolita wear specifically I always wanted little dresses like that. But felt I was too grown for that nonsense LOL!

    Its nice to have space.

  8. carla3

    Thank You All For Sharing Your Stories. I HavE BeeN With My Husband For Over 20 years And In The PaSt Year We Have Been Exploring A D/s Relationship. We Knew We Were Both Missing Something, But Didn’t Know What It Was. We Have Discovered That Something Was A Daddy/Little Relationship. I Can’t Tell You How Much It Means To Know I Am Not Alone In Needing Him To Be My Daddy. It Soothes A Part Of Me That Nothing Else Has Ever Done. Thank You For Helping ME Embrase This Side Of Myself.

  9. Masters_cumal

    Master had never thought of being my Daddy. i had talked to him about being his babygirl . Master has embraced it. we now have a Master/Daddy slave/babygirl dynamic. it works out very well. whenever i am afraid or feel frail, i know i can always go to Daddy and he will take me into his arms and chase the away the fears. i have coloring books, lots of stuffed toys. the only thing that we dont do when he is Daddy, is being sexual or playing. i was molested as a small child, and brings back too many bad memories. so when i need Daddy i hold up four fingers, and he knows who i need. Daddy tells me that his heart melts when we are laying in bed and i look up to him and say ” i love you Daddy.”

  10. lunaKM

    That’s beautiful and I’m so happy to hear that it fills your needs and makes you feel safe. Thank you for sharing!

  11. jasmine

    Im in a new daddy /baby girl relationship we met online thru vanilla world but id been a baby girl b4 just wrong daddy’s abusive ones
    He. Is wonderful n so kind n nice he let me no he is dominate n i let him no im submissive amazing connection we didnt even no till after meeting he said sm women dont like it so he tries to suppress it ,n we r a perfect match,so date 3 i was told his ex called him daddy he was already calling me baby girl n i said i wanted to find sm thing to call him our 1st nite 2gether i wanted to call him daddy but was too afraid too , so date 3 he told me his ex called him daddy n we discussed it he said i could call him that or what ever i wanted n back at hotel i blurted out daddy n its been daddy ever since n after that i wrote him a letter n i asked him to look up daddy dom n he did n was amazed how it fit him n a baby girl fits me perfectly, we r now inlove n very happy a daddy n baby girl
    Its sooo hard to find a good daddy. I waited for him for years we still have things to learn but oh soo amazing to have found each other n fell rt in to step with dom/sub then daddy baby girl rt away
    N he was just a natural dominate n did some things of bdsm nature but not live it so its like a fairy tail come true so far n i really hope it is really really long term i waited yrs for perfection i found the perfect daddy for me

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