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lunaKM has been a full-time slave in an M/s relationship for over 10 years. She is the founder and editor of Submissive Guide. Learn more about her here and connect with her on, Twitter, Google+, FetLife.

12 responses to “Perspectives: Gags”

  1. Lil One

    i actually made my own gag out of a toy gold ball and some soft fabric rope. Love it because it allows me to bite down hard and just pop it back into place later.

  2. sr

    I have only experienced a ball gag once at a bondage club event and I definitely got the drool dripping, almost running down my chin as I was vertical and have lots of saliva normally. After only a short while my jaw began to ache, and was a bit sore for a day or two after, similar to having a 2 hour root canal. I didn’t have any trouble swallowing with it in.
    I didn’t mind the drool dripping as I often experience that when Master face fucks me vertically and actually holds open the corners of my mouth. There is usually a puddle by the time he is finished.
    It sounds like something I should practice to be ready if Master chooses to use one on me.

  3. bonimiss

    I read your perspective luna and found it so interesting I had to write my own.

  4. sssdid

    My favorite gag is a penis gag. It’s not as big as my husband, but it reminds me of the joy I have going down on him. A week or so ago, I almost bit all the way through it accidentally. I love gags because they actually free me to moan, groan, and enjoy myself thoroughly. Anyway, I am working with the ball gag, too, and I bet we use one this weekend. I will probably drool a lot, which is ok…doesn’t bother me, but makes me want to drink a lot of music afterwards.

  5. MidnightMuldoon

    I am a total gag slut so I HAD to chime in! I enjoy the feeling of helplessness and the drooling slobbering moans. I like that it limits my speech so that I can just focus on simple easy to deciper speech, and this leaves my Dom to do most of the dirty talk. I am also a gag maker, and have sold a few people on the ideas of gags after they see me in a scene with one… and I explain that I can make them one with a smaller ball than mine. (I don’t expect everyone to take a 2″ ball into their mouth the first time)

    Oh and I have to mention how hot gag kissing is. To be drooling and helpless and have my Dom bend down and kiss my gagged lips, watching the string of drool connect our lips until it snaps and he slowly licks his lips, savoring my helplessnes…. HOT!!!!

    Gag Kisses,

  6. flowerofthesouth

    Love this. Thanks for the info. New toys came today, our first ball gag among them, a leather strap with a small rubber ball. Can hardly wait for Sir to see it! Can’t wait to see his physical reaction. And, totally hot thinking of the experience. More when we have time to enjoy.

  7. paul baker

    A big ball gag with plenty of duct tape gags me so i can hardly make a sound i need to be while
    being tied up and blow jobbed for hours on end by my woman the walls are only thin in my flat.

  8. Naughtykitten

    I have an oral fixation and love my open mouth gag even is non sexual situations, I’m wearing it as I type this actually! My Dom loves seeing me drool and likes that my mouth isn’t off limits because it’s an open mouth gag. I was curious if it’s weird for me to wear it in non-sexual situations, I have yet to meet another sub who enjoys it like I do.

  9. LW85381

    I love being gagged and gagging others. I’m sort of a switch, but with my GF I always let her gag me. First she has to apply handcuffs or a good rope tie and then she has to talk dirty about how I’m such a talker and complainer that I need to be shut up.

    Then comes a full head harness gag with a 2.25″ ball. Usually, then i get a spanking before she comes down on me and pleasures herself, SOMETIMES AFTERWARDS ALSO. DEPENDS ON HER MOOD.

    Seems strange iting it down, but er both seem to like it. When she is having a really bad day I get locked in a cock cage for 2 weeks or so and my GF has the key so I get to have to do all sorts of sexual favors to her to get let out. I don’t really mind as I get very horny after a day or so and will do anything to get released. When locked up, i also get spanked a lot, so I get very motivated to be a nice person to her.

    That’s our relationship for better or worse.


  10. Steve b

    My sub just can’t bring herself to allow me to gag her :( Not even bondage tape.Any ideas on how to break her in slowly?

  11. Jen

    I LOVE gags. I have several and I often wear them just to have them in. It takes the pressure off of me to have to speak. It’s a psychological thing for me rather than a practical thing (I do self bondage). Of course, sometimes the muffling helps if I’m doing self-spankings, though! :)

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