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32 responses to “What Does It Mean to be Collared?”

  1. Sharon Stone

    Only 3 weeks ago I met my DOM. I thought it was just a playdate. The 2nd date things were more directional in the bedroom by him. Which I do like. The next day he texts me and says he is now my DOM and I’m his Sub. I was to call him Master. He told me to pick out a slutty name for myself to give reset as my DOM. 2 days later I had my 1st training lesson. Really intense with no touching, talking, being blind folded and naked. To the point, I didn’t know he was a DOM when I met him, he never asked me if I wanted this life, he has declared that he owns me now. I like it, and actually loving it. How in the world did this happen and to escalate so quickly? He said he had been a DOM all his life. I don’t expect to be collard for a long time. There’s so much more he wants to teach me. How after one date could he have assumed the role master over me, and me being a little ignorant about the whole D&s thing?

  2. Dottie

    I have been in the swinging community for 8 yrs now. I meet a guy 3 months ago and learned that he is a domain. We have been talking and things have slowly changed between us. We have no actual term for what we are. People ask just friends. I ask it’s friends with benefits maybe more, not real sure. I have introduced him into the swinging community and he is slowly bringing me into the kink community. Which is intriguing and something I am very interested in learning and have enjoyed so far. Last night he asked if I would accept being collared by him. If I am to accept I am to buy the collar of my choice and give it to him. Is this okay not fully understanding our relationship with each other.

  3. Fer

    i was collared by my Master just over 1 year after being His full-time sub. We started off as a gay couple where i was strictly bottom and submissive. i was extremely lucky to find someone who wanted a partner like me. Since the first weeks of our relationship He started telling me what to do, which clothes to wear, how to behave in specific situations. i was grateful to Him, for i always felt like He was making me a better person, He cared and was concerned for my wellbeing. After 8 months i became His housemaid, took care of all His needs at home, and was in charge of everything outside of His professional life. i as also His humble sexual servant. i was happier than i ever was. Occasionally, He would punish me, and at some point He became more inclined to having sessions of physical and psychological torture. These sessions were never extreme but they became part of our ordinary lives. i guess that’s when He started seeing me as His slave and not only His submissive and domestic partner. I don’t know why but i liked it. i liked the idea of bing His slave, His property, His to do whatever He pleased with me. my trust in Him was absolute already, so i felt a deep desire to give myself to Him in all regards. i didn’t know, but for over a year He was consciously and carefully grooming me to become His. When i realized this was the case, it was i who asked Him the question: ¿Will You collar me sometime soon, Master? He smiled, then showed me my collar. i still had to wait a couple of very educational months, but we arrived there. my collar is the most intimate object there can be. my Master’s rules dictate that i cannot wear any piece of clothing or accessories when in the house except my collar, i feel my constant nudity is in direct relation with my devotion to Him and my collar is already a part of my body, the part of my body which signifies that my body is not really mine but my Master’s. i love my Master, i worship Him, and losing my collar would be like losing an arm, an organ, or my/His heart.

  4. Apparent Cheapener of the True Meaning

    so this article claims that collars that are “given out on a whim” cheapen the true meaning.

    I definitely hesitate to agree. For some people it has a certain meaning, and for others it has a certain other meaning. I know, if I permitted someone to wear a tag endorsed with my signature on their collar, I’d have to have complete trust in both myself and them that we wouldn’t suddenly become arseholes. But beyond that, the collar is what you make it.

  5. Suvi

    Maybe I am in wrong place

    But i have pink collar that I put on myself

    I keep leather lead in my hand bag and when man I like want me, I give lead to him to take me away :)

    This is OK??

  6. Suvi

    Is very different thing I think

    Anyway, is my fun :)


  7. aj

    I have a question because i have never heard of it. A friend of mine is in the dd/lg lifestyle and I’m a sub in training. My question is are there subs that buy their own collar? She has and it shocked me since I’ve never heard of it.

  8. lunaKM

    Yes submissives have been known to buy their own collar, just as engaged women have been known to pay for their own engagement ring.

  9. Maggie

    So I’m wondering..what would a sub do if she doesn’t like the collar given to her? Especially if it’s a day collar to be worn as jewelry in public and it’s not her style at all, and she just really doesn’t like it. Of course the meaning has great significance and she loves her collar because of that, its just difficult to wear all the time, if that makes any sense.

  10. Obky

    I’v been a slave for 10 years two different Masters. Both purchased my collars my current Master. I can’t imagine my Master wanting me to buy one. I actually have two collars right now and he is the only one that can remove for the other. I have my traditional home collar, leather with diamonds and leash loops and I have my say collar that looks more like a necklace, when I’m good he buys additional locking charms to add. When a relationship ends you Naster should remove the collar and keep.

  11. Halie Newton

    I’m new this and I have no clue about what to do or how take anything any advice be great

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