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LadySneak is a moniker that she uses both on Fetlife and LitErotica. She is a real life submissive with 12+ years experience both online and real life. She struggles daily with agoraphobia.

22 responses to “What It Means to be Collared”

  1. Sharon Stone

    Only 3 weeks ago I met my DOM. I thought it was just a playdate. The 2nd date things were more directional in the bedroom by him. Which I do like. The next day he texts me and says he is now my DOM and I’m his Sub. I was to call him Master. He told me to pick out a slutty name for myself to give reset as my DOM. 2 days later I had my 1st training lesson. Really intense with no touching, talking, being blind folded and naked. To the point, I didn’t know he was a DOM when I met him, he never asked me if I wanted this life, he has declared that he owns me now. I like it, and actually loving it. How in the world did this happen and to escalate so quickly? He said he had been a DOM all his life. I don’t expect to be collard for a long time. There’s so much more he wants to teach me. How after one date could he have assumed the role master over me, and me being a little ignorant about the whole D&s thing?

  2. Dottie

    I have been in the swinging community for 8 yrs now. I meet a guy 3 months ago and learned that he is a domain. We have been talking and things have slowly changed between us. We have no actual term for what we are. People ask just friends. I ask it’s friends with benefits maybe more, not real sure. I have introduced him into the swinging community and he is slowly bringing me into the kink community. Which is intriguing and something I am very interested in learning and have enjoyed so far. Last night he asked if I would accept being collared by him. If I am to accept I am to buy the collar of my choice and give it to him. Is this okay not fully understanding our relationship with each other.

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