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I am an Irish lass who has the honor of being in service to my Daddy (Husband) and my Master. My servitude started when I was very young to my mother with very high expectations and has continued within my relationships since then. Fetlife name: SehAnru Join my Private group on Facebook called Submission in Motion. Email me for details. I am the Founder and Co-Owner of a BDSM related Non-Profit Organization called Submission in Motion in Salem Oregon, a mother of five beautiful children, wife, and slave. My passion is to write and here on Submissive Guide has been my first of many opportunities besides freelance. I am also a complete geek girl who is addicted to World of Warcraft, love movies, and TV shows, RPG's (Online and tabletop) and more. I love animals, we have three horses, two dogs, four cats, and one bunny. Love to read, mainly supernatural naughty romance. ~evile smile~ And the list goes on. Want to know more? You have but to ask.

One response to “Ask Anything | Subspace vs Dissociating Due to Past Abuse”

  1. Mrs. M

    Thank you for your advice. I found that getting the professional counseling I needed, enabled me to have a healthy D/s life now. Without that professional help, I’m not sure where I would be (or if I could ever be this happy).

    -Mrs. M-

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