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lunaKM has been a full-time slave in an M/s relationship for over 10 years. She is the founder and editor of Submissive Guide. Learn more about her here and connect with her on, Twitter, Google+, FetLife.

5 responses to “How to Use the “30 Days” Memes Effectively to Maximize Submissive Growth”

  1. 30 Days of Submission – Questions | Kira's Slavery

    [...] 30 Days of Submission can be found on The Submissive Guide.  It’s not my original meme, so of course feel free to steal it and do it on your site.  [...]

  2. Lisa

    30 thought provoking questions. I will challenge myself to answer them and explore my dominant/submissive nature. I like that the Qs allow for exploration, rather than assuming a submissive nature.

  3. 30 Days of Submission: Introduction - Rebel's Notes

    [...] the questions, I knew I wanted to take part in this meme. These questions come from lunaKM at the Submissive Guide and she even gave some tips on how to use the 30 day memes [...]

  4. goodgirl

    i just wanted to say that this list has really inspired me. Sir and i are just cementing our D/s dynamic into a 24/7, and i’ve been working on the questions dy by day. i just finished Day 7, and thought i should come back here and encourage anyone who is thinking about how neat this would be to just DO IT! These questions are really making me consider why i need submission, and what i expect to gain from the experience.

    If anyone is interested my answers to these questions can be found at our personal site

    Thank you for the content of this site! It is amazingly comforting and helpful!

  5. Gina

    I haven’t read all of the questions, but with as far as I got, one idea popped into my head. I think these would be very good journal topics for someone new to the lifestyle to explore with his/her mentor. They could be viewed as questions asked my the mentor to be answered in a written journal by the mentee. When they met again, they could further explore the topic and the mentee could write a follow-up. If the mentee is not in a relationship at the time, the journal could be shown to the partner when he/she finds one. They could talk about the different topics further as the relationship progresses and then the questions could be revisited at a later date to see if the answers have changed.

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