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11 responses to “SGBHC #5 | That Submissive Feeling”

  1. morningstarcn

    ;ugh it doesn’t seem to be working :(

  2. bonimiss

    Ok another difficult question luna but I persevered.

  3. morningstarcn

    yeah it finally worked – i seem to be having some connection problems at my end .. sorry

  4. anna52

    Felt up to the challenge. Loved the question.

  5. Sorcha

    Wow, that was fun…can we do it again! <3

  6. bonimiss

    ok Thank you! I never realized that.

  7. CoCo

    Oh, I love theses

  8. nageenaD

    This geeky phone really helped with this. Set an reminder to do the post, and then managed to do it while snuggled in bed with Master. First blog post via phone.

  9. Autumn Raine Skye

    Short one, but this one was hard for me at the moment.

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