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10 responses to “Common Pervertables Around the Home You Can Use for BDSM Play”

  1. Shreena

    Presumably colouring books and stuffed animals are for ageplay? Otherwise I might need some help with those!

    I agree that the kitchen is a veritable gold mine if you’re looking for cheap spanking/torture implements!

  2. cheekysweetie

    Chop sticks? Wooden skewers? Fresh ginger? Metal banjo picks? What would these all be used for?

  3. Sadey

    From the kitchen:
    Knives could be added for experienced players interested in knife play.
    Also, silicon and plastic spatulas.

    This post is great and would be even better with a sentence following each item that describes how to use it. For inexperienced players, or even experienced players who haven’t done a lot of bargain-bondage, some of these items might be confusing. :)

  4. Nixii88

    Oh! My Dom and I love to use ties from his closet. They smell like him and are less likely to leave marks than cuffs and rope. We have improvised with pillow cases cut up as well.

  5. Bayareagem

    Thanks for including stuffed animal under aftercare! I was just thinking that the other day – that a teddy bear would be nice to cuddle with as I come down – and your blog post reaffirmed that I need to add that to my sub-bag.

  6. Bayareagem

    Wanted to add:
    Rubber Bands, especially the small ones for braids – wound up they work great on nipples

    Tiger Balm or Ben Gay – great for chemical play

    Shower Curtain Clips (the alligator clips) – Areola clamps (edges of the nipples)

  7. Kinky Communist

    Chances are, you’ll have cardboard. Foamboard works best, but I think cardboard should work too. Chances are you have clear masking tape. I made this for a cosplay, and then realized they’d be great in bed, as well. You’re going to laugh when I say what I made, but bear with me. I made a foamboard hammer and sickle. Drawing out the shapes, and then using some basic structural integrity knowledged, I taped together hammer and sickle shapes. (The hammer’s body I used one long piece of foamboard, which I perforated and bent in order to give it more structural integrity). I found out that the hammer is great for spanking, and that I can use the sickle as a grappling thing and to push their neck in, as well as using its (relatively blunt) point for more impact play, as well as being able to tease my GF wth it (I was dressed as Hetalia’s Russia while doing it, but both of us are communists so it was even more fun haha).

    Being poor and unable to obtain sex toys, I’ve really started to master the “extreme improv” side of things. Of course being an engineer, if I had the access to some real materials, I’d make some actual things. But for now…

    Foamboard is incredibly versatile. And it’s surprisingly strong when reinforced with masking tape, or even better, duct tape (which can be used in its own, infinite kinky ways).

    Duct tape, when twirled up, and taped together at one end, makes a great whip. It’s also clearly good for bondage, especially when they don’t mind the stickiness, or finds it part of the fun. Of course ripping it off of people is fun.

    As far as normal sex toys go, electric toothbrushes make an excellent vibrator, and the } shaped hangers you get from stores are curved in just the right way that makes it an excellent dildo.

    Chances are you have pieces of wood or PVC laying around. Could be used for spanking or for reinforcements. Scented lotions often burn in such a wonderful way, and then ends up feeling so good.

    And here’s the cream of the crop: a TENS unit. PERFECT for e-stim. They’re relatively cheap and are designed for use on the human body to relieve muscular pain. So just ignore the “do not use on genital area” warning on the package, look up how to safely use a TENS unit for sex, and have fun with some electrical torture.

    Of course with me, I can go even more home-made–although it’s reserved for the engineers. One could simply build their own circuit for much less.

    I could go on and on and on haha

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