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22 responses to “What Do Female Dominants Desire in a Male Submissive?”

  1. John

    Good afternoon everybody!
    I like Femdom very much as, of course, submissive boy, but i have one problem. You see, i have natural need to be guided and leaded by Domina, but every time when i want to enjoy in femdom, my ego appears and destroy fun. My question is: How to erase/eliminate my ego? What can i do in order to lose my ego? How to feel like an object at all time? Please, HELP ME!!! I really want to serve my Mistress with my whole heart.

  2. Ms Honey

    I am very grateful to have found this page, and the amazing articles written by gentlemen who are living the lifestyle. I am a domme of 17 years, and in that time have had several long term submissives. I currently have a boy under consideration, who is about as green as grass when it comes to D/s or BDSM. I have been trying to find good information I can share with him, that will be helpful in him having a better understanding of who he is. I have my doubts that he is a ‘true’ submissive and may in fact, be more of a fantasy based bottom. I’m hoping that reading several of the links on the male submissive page will help clarify his thoughts, and generate conversation that will help me figure out if I’m wasting my time on him or not.

    My sincerest thanks to fuzzyP for his writings, and to luna for providing both submissives and dominants this excellent resource site.

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