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17 responses to “A Human Pet – Exploring Pet Play and Owner/pet Relationships”

  1. tigger86334

    Excellent article and information. I too enjoy pet play and Master’s very happy with his pup.

  2. rocco

    my husband always joke about being a dog,he tells me about the dream he had our girl friend dog pass on and other one friends pass his dream was he took there dogs place I had to laugh, now he jokes about it more and more should I buy him a coller for the hell of it and say I just want to make you happy, please get back

  3. Kitty Eva

    first off being a pet is a lifestyle. no taking off of the collar is aloud, even in public. you choose to be a pet stick to it. second not wearing an animal collar lebels you as a slave, a pet is always to wear a pet collar. it may be made specially but a pet collar is always for a pet. do not disrespect them with getting them a slave collar. there is meowing and barking and spicific treat giving of a pet there are ears and tails its how you determin yourself as a pet, if you do not like that you are not a pet. being a human pet means that you wish to be a pet in a human society. you must take all the responsibilities of a pet. i am a pet and i am highly offended by this post. you know nothing of this lifestyle. a pet is honnor. a pet is grace, respect. yes we are tought what to do by our masters but it is such more respectfull than you say. ive been in this for over seven years and thoes who are truly pets love to wear ears all the time and tails. and kitties play with string (like me i love it) and the less worthy dog gets his ball that he stupidly chases all over the place. oh and i have to say one more time……YOU NEVER TAKE OFF YOUR COLLAR IF YOU ARE A PET!! i dont take mine off. im that loyal thoes of you who take it off i otomatically see myself as better than you.

  4. lunaKM

    Kitty Eva,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, but I would like to remind you that this lifestyle, whatever you make of it, is open to all interpretations. While you think you are better than others because you never take your collar off – that’s just your own opinion. Others may not have a physical collar and yet are a pet. Others wear it just in play, and that’s fine too. You don’t get to be better than anyone else. You only get to be the best YOU that you can be.

  5. New-owned pet

    Hello lunaKM. I just discovered this site, article, and this raging comment altogether and I am glad to see you answered. I am just dropping by to add my opinion – and to congratulate the guest who made this post too, since it’s rare I find info about any part of bdsm, without something I find narrow-minded. This is precisely what Kitty Eva’s post is about: her opinion and none else.
    I am considering myself a person, a human, equal to others, and with kinks too. I make them into games and they are part of my life like a followed-up dungeons and dragons tabletop game which lasts for years. I am considering it a game and it doesn’t affect my conception of myself, no more than playing and identifying to a chaotic evil character would make me feel guilty. This mode of playing could also change anytime, I am just stating what I am into right now and since the beginning. Anyway, I am new to pet play itself but not to bdsm, and I have to higlight that there is NOT a single way to enjoy it, and that it is ALL about our pleasure and fantasies. There is no good or bad way to have fun, as long as it is safe sane and consensual.
    I am currently owned by a mistress, as a human pet (like a slave who wouldn’t be expected to serve, only to be owned and used as his owner pleases). We love eachother and I trust her fully, in the dimension of the game just like in anything else. My point is, I wear a collar which I remove anytime I need because I can find myself in situations I do. Concretely, I keep it on almost at all times, because since there is no real constraints, I can let myself go to play fully, without worries. The collar is a symbol but it is true for all the rest: all of this game is like a spice: it spikes up my life and burns a little, I can stop pouring it when it becomes too much, but I chose it because I love the taste and my owner would hate to see me bow to rules that make me suffer while a game is made to have fun. Please people, don’t ever buy that there is any constant. Kinks are kinky, not academical.

  6. Sky

    I wish someone would treat me like a pet, this idea of owning me as a pet is what I truly look forward to in any relationship. But no one seems to want me :(, I’m berry obedient and being punished makes me feel so completely owned I can hardly contain my self.

  7. m

    hey sky, i just wanted to let you know that i have felt very similarly to you for a long time. one way to get out your pet urges until you find an owner, or whatever you’d like to call them, is to roleplay over text online! i used online roleplay to exercise my pet self, so to speak, and explore what kind of petplay dynamics i enjoy, for a very long time. there’s also video chatting one on one like on skype, but i’d recommend that you be very careful about who you chat with online and allow to see your face etc.
    as hopeless as it might feel sometimes, after a very long period of being shy + lonely in my pet play needs and desires, i’ve found someone who i really connect with outside of petplay who is open to trying it. i’m here now because i’m looking up guides for introducing beginners to this kink/lifestyle so we can try it together! try to meet your needs the best you can until you find someone who you feel safe + comfortable with, i’m willing to bet there’s lots of folks out there who would like to play with an eager pet who hasn’t explored much with others yet.
    keep your chin up and don’t lose hope, and remember to trust your gut instinct! even if someone seems kind, trustworthy and charming, if something seems off it is probably better to wait it out and see if the apprehension/uneasiness passes once you get to know them.
    p.s. a lot of people who consider themselves vanilla have even been open to petplay after i explained it to them and offered less intense suggestions on how to start with it than i’ve fantasized about by myself. there’s lots of cute + fluffy scenarios to explore to test the waters together, and i’m sure you will find someone who feels right and wants to do petplay type things with you. good luck! <3

  8. jerome

    Hi all,
    I am so excited to find you all. I was
    owned by 2 mistresses as pet and as Slave(property) for sometime. Now my
    new owner bought me and made me
    her pet….collar and leash and bowl/attire. Being trained and behaviour
    Modification is going strong. All I want is
    to please my owner. I have no choice because I surrendered myself to new owner who told me she will make me her
    Pet for all to see and enjoy. I am proud
    as she is proud to own her pet.

  9. Matt

    I just started talking to this girl through texting after meeting her online through a website. She is into human pets she said and already has me capitalizing when referring to her and lower casing when referring to me. I am willing to try this for the first time if it pleases her but I don’t know what to expect. What can I do to please her so she doesn’t get bored and make her keep coming back for more.

  10. Sky

    You be an obedient pet, if she demands you to sit on your hands and nee’s you do so untill she says other wise. Don’t do anything without her permission because if a pet is to naughty then there not worthy of masters love. So just obey and love everything she slows you to do. If she punishes you, thank her.

  11. Matt

    How are pets usually punished? Would she enjoy punishing? I appreciate all your advice!

  12. Sky

    Punishments depends on the owner some like to lock pets in cages other like to make them sleep on the floor some like to physically punish pets and some sexualy punish I.e blue balls, but if you trust your new master it won’t matter what she dose to you for punishment because your would love it all the same. This kind of thing you should ask your master about, because there are no two masters alike

  13. Matt

    Thanks again for your help!

  14. Jessli

    I have an incredible urge to do more with my master than just blowjobs. I want him to take me and kiss me hard, just once. How do I ask that?

  15. lunaKM

    Well, I’m assuming you have an adult relationship with him, so why not simply ask him? If you can’t ask him for what you desire then that would limit the relationship to only his desires. Get what you want out of it Jessli. Talk to him.

  16. Luna Deschanel

    Is it weird that I want to lose my virginity like this? I really like this style and I think it would be preferable to losing my vCard the regular way. How would I go about doing that or is it even ok to lose your virginity like this? I just feel so conflicted!

  17. PI55don

    Many years ago i was trained to be a human dog. My training sessions were short, only introductory. I was taught to take real dog treats, eat real dog food from dog dishes, wag my butt (we didn’t have fake tail butt plugs then), etc.. i found the dog kennel (cage) to be a very safe place. i found the Master’s presence to be reassuring and comforting. i walked away from all that when i married, but have been dreaming of it for years.
    Finally i made a chain dog collar for myself, Locked my penis in a chastity device, and gave both sets of keys to my Husband. He isn’t sure yet what to do with it all, but is getting ideas. i might start now to look for a big dog dish again.
    Thank you very much for this thread.

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