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4 responses to “A Human Pet”

  1. tigger86334

    Excellent article and information. I too enjoy pet play and Master’s very happy with his pup.

  2. rocco

    my husband always joke about being a dog,he tells me about the dream he had our girl friend dog pass on and other one friends pass his dream was he took there dogs place I had to laugh, now he jokes about it more and more should I buy him a coller for the hell of it and say I just want to make you happy, please get back

  3. Kitty Eva

    first off being a pet is a lifestyle. no taking off of the collar is aloud, even in public. you choose to be a pet stick to it. second not wearing an animal collar lebels you as a slave, a pet is always to wear a pet collar. it may be made specially but a pet collar is always for a pet. do not disrespect them with getting them a slave collar. there is meowing and barking and spicific treat giving of a pet there are ears and tails its how you determin yourself as a pet, if you do not like that you are not a pet. being a human pet means that you wish to be a pet in a human society. you must take all the responsibilities of a pet. i am a pet and i am highly offended by this post. you know nothing of this lifestyle. a pet is honnor. a pet is grace, respect. yes we are tought what to do by our masters but it is such more respectfull than you say. ive been in this for over seven years and thoes who are truly pets love to wear ears all the time and tails. and kitties play with string (like me i love it) and the less worthy dog gets his ball that he stupidly chases all over the place. oh and i have to say one more time……YOU NEVER TAKE OFF YOUR COLLAR IF YOU ARE A PET!! i dont take mine off. im that loyal thoes of you who take it off i otomatically see myself as better than you.

    1. lunaKM

      Kitty Eva,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, but I would like to remind you that this lifestyle, whatever you make of it, is open to all interpretations. While you think you are better than others because you never take your collar off – that’s just your own opinion. Others may not have a physical collar and yet are a pet. Others wear it just in play, and that’s fine too. You don’t get to be better than anyone else. You only get to be the best YOU that you can be.

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