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I have been in the lifetsyle for almost 5 years, and submissive to SirLancelot for almost as long. I see myself as a 'sub with slave tendancies', sometimes more one than the other. I love playing with my Master, but am driven by my journey into exploring our M/s relationship.

6 responses to “Run Don’t Walk: Warning Signs of a Predator Dom/me Part 2”

  1. smartiepants

    How fortunate I feel to have found this website and this article (and part one) at the time I did. I’m a newbie. Last week I began corresponding with a potential Dom, asking and answering questions about our respective views, boundaries, habits, experience and desires. After spending hours composing a thoughtful response to this potential Doms questions I received a vitriolic, misogynist, angry angry response. He proposed severe punishments in response to some of my answers before answering any of my questions – before answering any of my questions about how he has negotiated contracts with previous subs, what activities he wants to engage in – really before telling me anything about himself. As a newbie and as a woman who is strong, intelligent, independent and excited to be exploring my submissive nature, it took me a while to figure out why I was shocked, angered and confused about how to respond. I spent about half a day thinking ‘wow, maybe I’m not submissive after all’ – and then I came to my senses and told him thanks but no thanks. So now I’m saying thank you to you for this valuable resource. Had I not read these articles on Warning Signs I might not have trusted my intuition and placed myself in physical and emotional jeopardy. I might be submissive but I’m nobody’s fool!

  2. jane

    i too am new to this lifestyle, although now i feel as though it’s always been a part of me. perhaps we could talk about our new experiences? i’ve been looking for a new friend to chat with, since my current friends do not share this interest of mine lol. maybe you can find me on facebook? my email is

    i hope to talk to you!

  3. PreciousGem2020

    Smartie pants,
    Like you Im new to the scene. Your post really resonated with me .For I’ve been through all the range of emotions you articulated so very well.
    So thank goodness for ‘Submissive Guide’ . A site I happened along by accident , just looking for education , inspiration and knowledge.
    As well as many thanks to you.
    I feel so comforted as a submissive without a Dom currently.
    For this has given me plenty of ‘food for thought’. As well as arming me with the knowledge to recognise the signs of predators on the hunt. to cause emotional damage.
    Thanks again.

  4. QuietAnarchy

    This series of articles and this entire site are awesome. Thank you. I’m learning and I have a feeling this site will be very valuable along my journey :)

  5. Lizzy

    Unfortunately submissives are contantly exposed to these sad, poor excuses for Doms. I found this article very informative and I posted it in my group for my members. I constantly promote safety and awareness to my members and often turn to this site for the information I may need for my members.

    Thank you

  6. lunaKM

    You posted a link to this article, right? Posting the entire thing somewhere else violates copyright of this site and the author of the article.

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