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3 responses to “Role Playing Adventures”

  1. dale

    i have a wonderful woman who is submissive, she wants me to tell her what to do when we have sex. Now this is totally new to me. she has told me should would do anything i ask of her. she says she trusts me and my judgement as to whatever it is i want, Now my mind is going crazy as i dont know how far she will go with it or better yet what i am to provide for her. all i get is ” whatever you want i will do it no matter ” Now how do i read into that. is it like if i decide to have her give head to someone as i watch, or other things, or just keep things to our bedroom ?
    can you please give me some insite on this submissive side of hers.

    also she was in a submissive relationship before, i asked what they did and she says that is none of my buisness, which is true, she just says she will do whatever i ask of her, just no pain, good i hate pain.

    wait to here form you. dale

  2. Gabriella Simone

    Appreciate your comment that people role play because it is fun! I find that so much that is written about submissives involves darker situations than most people want to delve into.

    I write sex role play scripts and they are designed specifically for a dominant/submissive relationship in an incredibly fun and erotic way. Its unfortunate that most people view doms and submissives as being in rough and painful sexual situations.

    There are erotic and playful ways to have a dominant/submissive sex fantasy role play. It simply means that one partner does exactly what the dominant partner tells them. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    You can check out some scenarios and scripts at

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