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20 responses to “Lactation Play and the Adult Nursing Relationship”

  1. Nixie

    Wonderful! Thank you! R has been doing some research into lactation. For us it would not be re-lactation. I was wondering, do you have any tips for starting out? Any websites you could share?

    Thank you very much for this! :D

  2. Dani

    The only tip i have is to start with a good schedule, as often as you can realistically commit to. We started with three times a day together and once or twice a day i hand expressed and it worked for us. i did drink Mothers Milk Tea, that can be found at health food stores and my local Target carries it. I like it hot with honey, not recommended otherwise (it is kind of yucky without). There is a ton of resouces online, i like the Society of Nursing Couples list on Yahoo or, the bloggers there are very insitefull and the original writer has a journal of her first year that i think is amazing. Good Luck!

  3. lunaKM

    Dani provided some tips in her comment below mine, but I’m not sure if you saw the link at the top of the post — Land of Milk and Honey that is all about erotic adult nursing relationships.

  4. Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing your joys of ANR. I enjoyed an ANR with my ex-boyfriend. It was amazing. The bonding, nurturing, and closeness we felt was like no other I had experienced or have experienced since. I was not interested in lactation nor was he–it didn’t fit our lifestyle. We both craved the nursing and because we lived two hours away from each other when we would get together on the weekends or get in a week day visit here and there, nursing instantly connected us as if we had never been apart. He’s out of the country now but when he returns we still share, it seems we are forever bound.

    I would also like to suggest for sharing, education, and interaction with many more men, women, and couples who enjoy adult nursing. I am familiar with the blog and it is a wonderful blog.

  5. Nixie

    Oops! Thank you, I missed the links!

    Thanks you Dani!

  6. dina

    Thank you dani for a very insightful post.
    I fed both my children for almost a year each (eldest 10 month, youngest 11 1/2 month – he bit me).

    My youngest is now three and i have only recently dryed up. Although I am not in an ANR or ever considered it, I must admit, it almost feels like the end of an era now I am dry. Having said that, holding a newborn baby, that letdown reflex still kicks in and still hurts even if there isn’t anything there!

    For me, it was such a special and very close bond I had with my children at that time, if ANR creates that bond and feeling of closeness with a partner, you are very special and lucky ladies, all of you.


  7. anonptmommy

    V. Interesting. I’m in a switch relationship- he’s usually Master, but when it is Mommy time, he’s not Master, he’s My little boy. I’ve been thinking about looking for information about this topic, because it interests me and I believe little boy might enjoy this. Thanks.

  8. Shani

    Greetings and Salutations.

    Many thanks for mentioning my site; it is very much appreciated. :)

    Love your site and will be adding a link to it on Land of Milk and Honey within the next couple of days as well as on my Facebook page.

    Keep up the great work!

    Best regards,

    Land of Milk and Honey

  9. Mage

    I’ve been in M/s and D/s relationships in one form or another for the last 20 years. ANR entered into my life only in the last 4 years although I’ve had interest in it since I was pregnant with my child in 2000. I love that my Master suckles from me. I love that I can give Him *ALL* of me to do with as He pleases… and that I, and my milk, please Him. :)

  10. KatieLilly

    I am so excited to begin my ANR with my wonderful Master. Thank you so very much to everyone who shared their experiences!

  11. Master Frank

    This website is most informative and refreshing for Masters & submissives / slaves as in this post, slave dani tells her story here, how it intimately bonded Dom and slave in a daily win-win loving giving-and- receiving relationship, which I treasure as paramount for Master and slave.

    As mentioned in Dani’s post, lactation opens / expands trust into more / expanded Master / slave daily lifestyle endeavors, which is extremely important because it continually propels, rejuvenates and reinforces those original Master / slave kindled fires.

    Worlds of thanks to dani and her Master for making this post.. Looking forward to more of their successes.
    In brief conclusion, Master and dani have made a major bonding and positive approach in a “Loving Contribution” to the Master / slave relationship, which I believe marvels beyond the tired BDSM mundane Master / slave stigma.
    Do welcome your thoughts, and again the best to Master and dani for sharing their story.
    Master Frank
    p.s. Master is most enlightened by this post and welcomes a personal lactation sub / slave in a 24/7 relationship. Thank you for your thoughts. Love to hear from you.

  12. Nathanandme

    I have been nursing for about 2 months. He has gotten to the point where he falls asleep nursing because it’s relaxing to him. I live there with frustration because I want us to be close but I hurt and he keeps falling asleep! Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m about ready to wrap them up with an ace bandage and call it quits

  13. lunaKM

    Have you talked with him how you feel about him falling asleep? Is there nothing he can do to prevent that from happening so that you can share in the experience with him?

  14. Luna

    I am older and trying to relactate. All I have coming out is a clear sticky liquid. When can I expect to see milk?? I’m using a tens unit and manually expressing what I can. My partner and I can only be together 4 times a week for about 3 hours. I could use some help!!

  15. Lovetosprau

    Luna, keep it up I lactated and only saw my guy once a month. I pump as often as possible and hand expressed. Also he got me started on Vomistop which is Dom, it’s expensive but worth it. It takes patients but the first time you spray will be heaven.

  16. lisa

    I’m am 53 is that to old to relacate an be a anr

  17. lunaKM

    I’m not sure. Perhaps ask your doctor if you can still produce milk?

  18. Ana

    I am 53 as well my husband and I are trying to lactate We have been at it for over a week, 5 to 6 times a day. Nothing yet but I did order domperidome and waiting for it to arrive. From what I have read that a woman at any age can lactate, I sure do hope so because my breasts are very sore and tender, but still hanging in there. Good luck and please let me know how things work ed out for you

  19. Wish4highhopes

    I wish my husband would do this! Not sure how to bring it up to him.

  20. Jon Roberts

    Well I just found there’s a website devoted to the topic:
    I hope anyone who sees this in the future will find it useful.