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17 responses to “With the Stroke of a Cane: Enjoying Caning”

  1. littlemiss96

    Never in a million years did I think I would like caning. However, in one of our earliest session, I was blindfolded, and Master began spanking me, and since I couldn’t see, I didn’t know what it was, all I know is that it felt incredible! Then he showed me what it was…a very thin dowel rod cane. I was stunned! Since then, he has used several different thicknesses, but I love them all!

  2. pet

    i was also wary about caning at first. i saw a thin piece of dowling in Masters’ closet and joked about caning. he explained it to me. so out of curiosity i took a strike through my jeans. it wasnt too bad, so then i took a strike on my bare buttocks, and it was love at first strike. Master was amazed how quickly i took to caning. to me personally the pain is so exhilirating,im in subspace in no time and i love the marks i get. in fact this Christmas i gave Master as one of his gifts two rattan canes.

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  4. thongless

    I was really pleased to come across this post, as my Master has just told me that He will be purchasing a cane and that it will be used the next time we are together! (gulp) I am a little nervous about it, but your post has eased my nervousness and i am more than willing to try it and especially as I know that it will please my Master. :-) xxx

  5. Brooke Farmer

    Cane = instant subspace for me.

  6. missxannxthope

    Caning or switching is most definitely my favorite as well. I’m fairly new as I just found the dom who will take this to the places I want to go. I agree 100% with the feeling produced as opposed to a paddle or a belt. It just…lights me up: inside and out.

  7. Kres

    The spect of being caned into submission which I enjoy imensley and after the 3rd stroke becomes an ever increasing sense of euphoria on taking or giving to from/to woman or man.
    The adult school scene of strictness and firmness of the discipline is very much part of the feeling and quite frankly do not have enough for those who wish to share this. Let me know kres(at)

  8. charles

    To be caned is a real trial. I need to be properly stretched and tethered – preferably over a vaulting horse – which, sadly, is not generally available. Then I need to be well gagged – mouth filled so that only muffled, inarticulate sounds are possible.

    By this time I am starting to be afraid, which I find very arousing, and which continues as she slowly and deliberately prepares – laying out cane, dressage whip, and martinet. A free-standing mirror is so placed that I can – and indeed must – watch, as she parts her legs, drawing her skirt tightly across her thighs. She is starting with the cane, and is touching it lightly across my naked buttocks. Suddenly, shockingly, six agonising cuts are delivered, and I am howling into the gag. She smiles and tightens the broad strap across the small of my back. Astonishingly, my cock is very stiff, and she traces its length with her finger. She picks up the dresssage whip, whose precise, keen strokes are almost intolerable. I clench my hands into fists. Her tongue licks over her full lips, and…..

  9. chafron

    I occasionally allow my Ex husband who still has the hot’s for me to give me the belt on my bare buttocks and he still gives me a rosy red ass when using it on me, he always leaves me with a 5 bar gate on my buttocks and I enjoy it never honestly tried a cane ,I’m no pain freak however through the 20 years we were married he used to use it on me before he made love to me my Gent is Vanilla and isn’t into spanking but I would love him to try has anyone got any tips on trying a cane.

  10. KJs girl

    I used to be terrified of canes. I’d only ever heard of them being used for severe punishment in other countries. But… many years ago, Master bought a couple of them and he taught me that they can be very sensual OR they can be used exactly as was their original intent – to cause pain for punishment.

    Well… under his ministrations, i learned to love canes. He complained about the quality of the canes he was buying and so after hearing him gripe about it for a couple of years, I suggested he make his own. So he did…. and both he and I are still making them today, nearly 12 years later.

    We make them in rattan, acrylic, carbon fiber, lexan, delrin, stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and brass. My personal favorite of all the toys we make is the Delrin Bundle because of it’s mulit-use purposes. By sliding the ring up & down the bundle, it goes from a nice warm up toy, to a heavy duty bruiser.

    But… as far as the single canes go, I’d have to say I like the Lexan best because it’s flexible, has a nice bounce and it can come filled with pretty colors, glitter or glow in the dark stuff. And…. it’s super easy to clean. This one practically puts me in instant subspace. :)

    What’s your favorite material?

    Best Regards,

    KJs girl

  11. stoudgat

    Love to be caned. Love to cane girls alsoo

  12. Chris

    My Dom absolutely loves the cane. He used it during our last scene and i didn’t cope well at all. I couldn’t control my breathing and the pain was intense. I really want to do this for him. Not just submit to it but enjoy it for him. I just don’t know how. The first time he used the cane on me was wonderful. I didn’t know what he was using. This time knowing what it was I really struggled.

  13. Keith Smith

    Yes I have come to love the cane. For me I enjoy the strap more. My Dom is very keen on the cane. First she warms me up with her hand and then she uses floggers on me – on my shoulders and on my buttocks and thighs. When I am very throughly warmed up I am bent over the arm of a couch or lie down horizontally on a massage table and am then paddled and caned. In the last session I was also subject to a strap based on the Canadian Prison Strap. I absolutely enjoyed that strap much to our mutual delight.

  14. Keith Smith

    Hi Kres. Never caned at school. I was strapped at school. Caned much subsequently.

  15. Rose

    I’ve had six ferocious strokes with a rattan cane. The pain was Intense and indescribable. I couldn’t breathe and screamed. The first two weren’t so bad, but by three I was unable to mumble “I’ll be good Sir, Sir I’ll be good” but he had mercy on me and let me blubber the words out. Afterwards though, the sensation is incredibly arousing and I feel like I’m floating in subspace xxx

  16. Keith Smith

    @Rose. Thank you very much for your post. I can identify with what you say.

  17. Keith Smith

    Hi. I have just reread the post. I notice that it mentions crying out. I try to be really stoic during beatings. It seems to me that some people vocalise a lot. People can tell it is really getting to me when I involuntarily vocalise. When discussing with my Dominant one time I told her that I did not really love the cane. She was quite surprised as she thought that I enjoyed it. In my next breath I said to her “Please do not stop using the cane on me”. How contrary we can seem to be. I like to be found pleasing to my Dominant. More than that I have discovered that I really do love the cane, not at the time of impact particularly but afterwards I love the marks the cane leaves. The cane focuses the pain in the very narrow band, the width of the cane unlike a wide strap which spreads the pain out more.

    Thank you everyone for your comments. I really love reading them.