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7 responses to “5 Ways to Express Your Gratitude to Your Dominant”

  1. A

    This is an excellent topic, thank you for posting. I do much of what is on this list without it being requested. I love cooking special meals for Him, buying Him little trinkets I know He will like. Usually He comes over a few times during the week to spend the night, and leaves directly from my house to go to school. I make Him dinner on those nights, but have started preparing Him easy things to take with Him for breakfast as well, muffins, breads, getting fruit He likes, juice in smaller containers, etc. I always package dinner left overs for Him for lunch too.

    It means a lot to me since we do not live together to be able to take care of Him even when I’m not physically there. Knowing He is eating the food I made Him, sustaining Him through His day so He does not have to take time out of His schedule to figure it out is wonderful for me.

    I would pose the question also in what ways does your Dominant express His gratitude for you?

    I had to visit a Dr. about 2 hours away from home and was gone most of the day. I texted Master when I was on my way back, letting Him know. He told me He wished to see me that evening. I despaired a bit, because I was so tired already, and had not thought I’d see Him that evening, so I had dinner where I was, further delaying my return. Of course I wanted to see Him, but I would have had to come home, drop everything, pack quickly and turn around and go back out again, take the train to His house, etc. I would have done it, but much to my surprise, He offered to come to my house.

    He brought movies and and cuddled with me on the couch, took a long soak in the jacuzzi with me too, and rubbed my sore shoulders. He ordered take out dessert to be delivered to my house too, so we had late night cheesecake (my favorite). I felt so cared for and loved, and remarked on how much I appreciate Him coming to me that evening. He seemed surprised and said He knew how tired I was, and was more than happy to do it for me. :)

    Also the other night I went to the movies with a friend. He called while I was there, and thus got my voicemail (which never happens). I had not told Him I was going to the movies, as it came up at the last minute. He told me later that if that had happened with any previous sub, He would have been upset, and worried and displeased, but He knew, because it was me, everything was okay, and He would hear from me soon. I felt such pride that He has trust and confidence in me in this way. He calls me “mein schatz” and treats me that way, always…
    Just one recent example of the ways He appreciates me and all I do for Him…

  2. shiratori

    Thank you very much for posting this article. I have been doing some research and exploring of this site with the hope of deepening my submission. Apart from everything else that I have read already, I think that this was quite the find. My D-type and I are only online for the moment so it is hard to do most of the things described here. However, I will look seriously into writing poems for him or doing something along those lines to tell him. I would love to add rituals to our arrangement~! However, with the distance, it might have to wait. I could kneel here, I suppose. Anyway, thank you again for writing this. It has been very beneficial to my own personal search.

  3. Angie The Serial Dater

    I thought that a sexual favor was not a way of showing my gratitude to my dom, but I’m relieved to know it is perfectly okay.

  4. Angie The Serial Dater

    One time, after a very particular punishment, my dom promised that I’ll be rewarded because he really cared about me. The next time I saw him we watched TV shows and he offered to give me a massage that turned into a full session of pleasure just for myself. When I offered to give him oral he refused by saying that it was all about me that night. On May 4th (which happens to be my second favorite day of the year) he sent me a text message wishing me a good day and encouraging me to let loose and have fun because I deserved it. We always text message each other, but I never had anyone to wish me anything good on a day that is not exactly a major holiday or my birthday and it was very special.

  5. Crystal

    This is a wonderful article. I sometimes struggle with wanting so badly to show my Dom gratitude. Thank you!

  6. Heather

    This was a wonderful read, thank you. I am very new to all of this & find your page so brilliantly helpful!! I’ve really been struggling with showing my gratitude to Master, I will definitely be trying some of these out.

  7. Natalie

    I frequently pop back to the submisisve’s guide, for inspiration and advice. Approaching 2 years as Sir’s slut, and when I asked for a task He requested I create my own way toplease Him.
    Be careful what you wish for!! Nerves kicked in, like it was the first task I ever did.
    This article reminded me of a few things, and I have re engaged with my gratitude, gotten back to basics and, hopefully, shown Him how grateful I am.
    He has thanked me, He is pleased, I am grateful all over again! It’s a beautiful thing, and so simple x

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